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Israel-Palestine conflict at inflection point


History of flare-ups is likely to repeat as key new differences have emerged between Israelis and Arabs By M. K. Bhadrakumar The well-known French philosopher, writer and political activist, late Paul-Michel Foucault has written about a conversation he had with

Gaza war – Hamas reveals new capability as it reduces Israel’s military edge


Political and military figures concede an effective victory for Hamas in latest round of fighting By Shir Hever As an uneasy ceasefire hangs over Gaza and Israel, differing accounts have emerged as to who “won” the round of violence in

It’s time to end the ‘special relationship’ with Israel


The benefits of US support no longer outweigh the costs By Stephen M. Walt The latest round of fighting between Israelis and Palestinians ended in the usual way: with a cease-fire that left Palestinians worse off and the core issues

Violence shakes Trump’s boast of “New Middle East”


Trump officials said the Abraham Accords between Israel and four Arab states would transform the region, but new Israeli-Palestinian clashes lay bare the limits of that change By Michael Crowley It was, President Donald J. Trump proclaimed in September, “the

Secret India – Pakistan peace roadmap brokered by top UAE royals


By Sudhi Ranjan Sen About 24 hours after military chiefs from India and Pakistan surprised the world last month with a rare joint commitment to respect a 2003 cease-fire agreement, the top diplomat of the United Arab Emirates popped over

Iran – Taliban growing ties: What’s different this time?

Iran - Taliban growing ties

Iran would be an essential player in such a project and it would be a political and security win for Tehran if it successfully mediates between the Taliban and the Afghan government. However, it is imperative that the Afghan government

Saudi Crown Prince is held responsible for Khashoggi killing in US report

Saudi Crown Prince is held responsible

But the Biden administration stopped short of directly penalizing Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, calculating that the risk of damaging American interests was too great By Julian E. Barnes and David E. Sanger Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi

British MPs urge UK to impose sanctions on Riyadh for detaining royals

British MPs urge UK to impose sanctions 1

Cross-party probe concludes that Mohammed bin Nayef and Prince Ahmed are being mistreated in detention British MPs have called on their government and other countries to impose “Magnitsky-style” sanctions on Saudi Arabia and halt extraditions to the kingdom in response

Iran tells MBZ it will hit UAE in response to a US attack

Iran tells MBZ it will hit UAE

Threat given to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed directly hours before Emirati statement condemning assassination of nuclear scientist Tehran “directly” contacted Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed last weekend, threatening the United Arab Emirates in the event

Gulf Sheikhs resent subaltern role


By M. K. Bhadrakumar The tabling of a “bipartisan” legislation in the US Congress on October 1 reiterating American commitment to Israel’s qualitative military edge (QME) creates an extraordinary dimension to the geopolitics and military balance in the Middle East