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From little Sparta to Trojan horse

From little Sparta to Trojan horse2

Beware the US – Israel – UAE strategic agenda for the Arab region By Rami G. Khouri It certainly was dramatic, as US President Donald Trump announced in the White House Thursday an agreement by the United Arab Emirates and

The changing dynamics of Iran-Israel conflict

The changing dynamics 1

By General Mirza Aslam Beg General Qasim Solemani of Iran was assassinated, blaming him and Iran for the death of many American soldiers. Soon after, American and Israeli forces deployed to punish Iran. Instead of direct confrontation, Iran preferred a

The tyranny of US – Iran disconnect

The tyranny of US 1

By General Mirza Aslam Beg The dialectics of the “opposing will” define the logic of a conflict and not the weapon of war, as the Post Diehl reports: “Israel has apparently been conducting what amounts to a slow motion, semi-covert

Iran embraces BRI

Iran embraces BRI2

By Gen (R) Mirza Aslam Beg The Fundamental Blow has been delivered creating the Magical Realism. Some 45 years back, Prime Minister Bhutto established the Strategic Linkage with China by opening the Karakoram Highway across the Khunjrab Pass. That helped

Top Saudi intelligence official ‘chased’ to Canada by MBS

Top Saudi intelligence official 4

Even after he reached Canada, source says Saad al-Jabri was harassed by crown prince and may have been the target of a rendition attempt The Canadian government gave refuge to a powerful former Saudi intelligence official deemed a threat to

Trump’s Middle East peace plan exposes the ugly truth


This isn’t a break with the status quo It’s the natural culmination of decades of American policy By Nathan Thrall On Tuesday, President Trump released his long-gestating plan for Middle East peace, the so-called “deal of the century.” It calls

Iraq and its revolution after Soleimani’s assassination


The January 3 killing of the Iranian general will not start a war but it will have a detrimental effect on Iraq By Haider Saeed “It is a turning point!” This is how over the past 10 days many analysts

Saudi Aramco raises $25.6 billion in biggest-ever IPO


Saudi Aramco on Thursday priced its long-awaited IPO at the high end of the target range, raising $25.6 billion and giving the energy giant a valuation of $1.7 trillion in the world’s biggest stock sale. Aramco priced its initial public

Managed Instability Iran, the Taliban, and Afghanistan


Iran’s support for the Taliban is an effective way of retaliating against the United States, but there’s more to it By Interaction Desk On October 23, the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center (TFTC) imposed sanctions on two Iranian Quds Force officers

Why SA, UAE ignored Pakistan to build strong ties with India?


Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have talked about setting up a refinery plant worth at least $ 70 billion in India. The giant oil and petrochemicals refinery project will be built jointly by Saudi Aramco and Abu Dhabi