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Moscow calls new Pentagon report ‘relaunch of Reagan – Era star wars programme’

The Russia Foreign Ministry has reacted to the new US Missile Defence Strategy, presented by Trump on Thursday. The policy, as the US president described it, “recognises that space is a new war-fighting domain with the Space Force leading the

Russia’s nuclear – capable underwater drone to be deployed

Skeptics play down the threat posed by Moscow’s latest weapon, which is set to be used in the Pacific By Emanuele Scimia Russia is ready to deploy nuclear-capable Poseidon underwater drones in the Pacific area as part of its oceanic

Russian media threatens Europe with 200-megaton nuclear ‘doomsday’ device

By Alex Lockie Russian media appeared to threaten Europe and the world by saying that a new nuclear torpedo could create towering tsunami waves and destroy vast swaths of Earth’s population. A Russian professor told a Russian paper that the

Russian deployment to Venezuela served the purpose

Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers in Venezuela, Dec 10 The brief deployment of two Russian Tupolev Tu-160 ‘Blackjack’ strategic bombers to Venezuela became a sensational event. Indeed, it is a display of the growing Russian military prowess that has been restored

Kerch strait confrontation What happened and why does it matter?  

As Ukrainian ships and sailors are being held by Russia in Crimea, what might happen next? By Andrew Roth What happened on Sunday? Depends who you ask. Ukraine says that three of its ships were travelling from Odessa to Mariupol

The big Russia picture

India has done well to resist US pressure and keep its old ally in its corner Albert Einstein once said, ‘In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.’ The difficulties that have been piled on India in the recent past, for

Russia keeps Israel’s Netanyahu in anteroom

It is over a month since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had announced that he was going to Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin with a view to open a new page in the relations between the two countries

Putin sees chance circumstances behind downing of Russian plane off Syrian coast

President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the shooting down of a Russian military plane near Syria’s seacoast was the result of a series of tragic and chance circumstances. His comments appeared to somewhat defuse a possible crisis involving outside

Provocations have a history of escalating into war

Can War Be Avoided and the Planet Saved? By Paul Craig Roberts The Russian Government and President Putin are coming under pressure not from US sanctions, which are very good for Russia as they force Russia into independence, but from

Is Russia being betrayed by its own intelligensia?

By Paul Craig Roberts The Russian military refused to buy Putin’s excuse for Israel’s intentional murder of 15 Russian Air Force personnel. The Russian military knows precisely what happened and has not been hesitant to make completely clear Israel’s total