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Analysing current American geo-strategy

The US is accustomed to leading the world order it has engineered since WWII By Zahid Mehmood Zahid It is safe to say that no country is more distressed by today’s dynamic global landscape and the tectonic shift in global strategic

Trump might give Iran an incalculable windfall


President Trump said the United States would be withdrawing forces from Syria “very soon” at an event last week in Richfield, Ohio By Max Boot  “We’re on the two-yard line. We could literally fall into the end zone. We’re that

Getting ready for Nuclear War


By Brian Cloughley John Bolton is to assume the appointment as President Trump’s National Security Adviser on April 9. On February 28 he wrote in the Wall Street Journal that “it is perfectly legitimate for the United States to respond

Empire strikes back


By Munir Akram In a little over a year, US President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ posture has been translated into an extensive and aggressive agenda to reclaim US global pre-eminence: the strategic containment of China and Russia; the denuclearisation of

Xi Jinping and the Boao Forum


Boao 2018 will have a tremendous impact on the region as well as the world, because it was reiterated by the hosts that with the future in mind, they will uphold inclusiveness and seek harmony without uniformity By S. M.

China’s maritime Silk Road

Strategic and Economic Implications for the Indo-Pacific Region By Michael J. Green China unveiled the concept for the Twenty-First Century Maritime Silk Road (MSR) in 2013 as a development strategy to boost infrastructure connectivity throughout Southeast Asia, Oceania, the Indian

Trump opens a Pandora’s box in Middle East


By M K Bhadrakumar There is no triumphalism in the US, Britain or France over the missile strike in Syria on Friday. The mood is rather defensive. Indeed, evidence is still lacking on the alleged chemical attacks in Douma, which

Sinister machinations of a rogue nation


The more sinister mantle of the ‘core of all evil’ definitely rests on the shoulders of Israel in its current form By Tariq A. Al Maeena Syria, Iran and North Korea quickly pop up on the front pages of western

Seymour hersh says Hillary approved sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian rebels


By Eric Zuesse The great investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, in two previous articles in the London Review of Books ( and «The Red Line and the Rat Line») has reported that the Obama Administration falsely blamed the government of Syria’s

A new approach to Afghanistan


The Afghan war has cost the United States a little over a trillion dollars, even by modest estimates, that is about $58 billion per year By Imran Jan Let me clarify at the outset that this is not about the Nash