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Panda – panderers at State & the Pentagon

By Bharat Karnad The US President-elect Joe Biden is on the horns of a dilemma. Trump went so far in painting China as the comprehensive threat to America, the West and the liberal world order at-large that doing a 180-degree

USA – Will new administration’s policy – carbon copy of Obama

USA - Will new administration policy carbon copy

By Nusrat Mirza, Chief Editor, Monthly Interaction Many expectations have been developed over the globe that Joe Biden being so senior and experienced and has passed through a racial phase overcoming the white racism. He is facing a civil war

Chinese village in Arunachal – India must speak up!

Chinese village in Arunachal 1

‘China wants to change the status quo of India’s Northern Border and proves that it can do whatever it wants in what it perceives as its own territory,’ By Claude Arpi The Indian ambassador in Beijing sent a strong note

‘Taiwan independence means war’


China’s defence ministry warns Joe Biden against siding with Taipei Military activities in the Taiwan Strait included flyovers by warplanes and fighter jets, part of Beijing’s ‘stern response to external interference ‘Nominee for US ambassador to the UN says Washington

China research finds flaws in US nuclear blast equation to protect shelters

China research finds flaws in US nuclear 1

Chinese scientists use computer simulation to update understanding of impacts on bombproof underground sites Depending on distance from blast, bunkers could be subject to two waves of destruction, study finds By Stephen Chen A nuclear blast equation used by the

Defining Challenges


By:  Sakib Sherani PAKISTAN is faced with a number of severe challenges that have been left unaddressed for far too long. The impact of these development challenges started becoming visible in linear increments in the 1990s, but now their impact

US – Taliban deal hangs in the balance

US - Taliban deal

By Abubakar Siddique A week after U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration said it would review Washington’s peace deal with the Afghan Taliban; the fate of the nearly year-old agreement is in the balance. The Pentagon announced on January 28 that

AMAN Exercise: Epitome of Regional Integration

AMAN Exercise8

By Baber Ali Bhatti Pakistan Navy conceived the idea of hosting the series of naval exercises in 2007 to promote regional naval integration and enhance compatibility inter alia. The word ‘AMAN’ is chosen from Urdu, the national language of Pakistan,


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Tuesday the 2nd February 2021 – Regent Plaza Hotel – Karachi Orgnized by: Rabita Forum International  A seminar organized by Rabita Forum International on Kashmir issue and to show solidarity with the people of occupied Kashmir for their just struggle of

The nuclear ban treaty will have no nuclear disarmament outcome

The nuclear ban treaty will have 2

By Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal Last week, nuclear abolitionists celebrated as the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – commonly called the nuclear ban treaty entered into force. Though the nuclear-armed states rejected it, they failed to stop it.