Pakistan and its war against terrorism

By Asif Haroon Raja A defense & security analyst terrorism in Pakistan is down, but by no means out. The number of terror attacks and the number of resulting fatalities has started More »

Will Bolton ever understand the excellence of Pakistan’s nuclear security?

By Atia Ali Kazmi Numerous external entities frequently keep Pakistan’s N-program under their critical spotlight despite the latter’s exemplary track record. Most recently, a former U.S. National Security Advisor (NSA) raised the More »

How significant was the reported Islamabad intelligence summit?

The summit was symbolised Pakistan’s newfound geostrategic importance in shaping the future of Eurasia By Andrew Korybko Reports circulated over the weekend that Islamabad hosted an unprecedented summit of regional intelligence chiefs. More »

How the US got closer to India amidst Afghan crises?

By Zamir Ahmed Awan US has always used Pakistan’s soil for its own strategic interests and when they could not do it anymore, they immediately distanced themselves from Pakistan got closer to More »

Maleeha Lodhi on the tortured Pakistani-American relationship

America must learn from its missteps in Asia, says a Pakistani strategist and diplomat *In their very first exchange after 9/11, Pakistan’s most senior leaders urged their American counterparts not to invade More »


True Inflection point

True Inflection point1

AUKUS vs. Quad By Bharat Karnad The future of non-Sinic Asia has reached a true inflection point. The new military alliance of the US, UK and Australia, superseding ANZUS (Australia-New Zealand-US), is set up to exclusively protect Western interests against

The whirl of terrorism and RSS’s agenda based politics

The whirl of terrorism and 1

By Mustafa Khan The future is not without challenges with RSS agenda-based politics, India’s massive pandemic crisis, especially at the peak of its second wave in April and May 2021, led many to wonder whether the Quad could deliver on

Why was India excluded from AUKUS?

Why was India excluded from AUKUS1

By Andrew Korybko Wednesday’s announcement by the leaders of Australia, the UK, and the US about forming a new trilateral military alliance (AUKUS) that’s strongly implied to be predicated on “containing” China must have come as a shock to India,

Modi contracted out AfPak policy for political gains in UP

Modi contracted out AfPak policy 1

By Mani Shankar Aiyar A gaping hole has opened in the northwest of our subcontinent with India having virtually no diplomatic presence in Islamabad and none at all in Kabul. What is worse is that we have so effectively paralysed

India using our tech against Pakistan not acceptable

India using our tech against 1

CEO and Co-founder of Exodus Logan Brown told Forbes, “You can use it offensively if you want, but not if you’re going to be . . . shotgun blasting Pakistan and China. I don’t want any part of that.” He

Why the fall of Kabul is catastrophic for India?

Why the fall of Kabul is catastrophic for India

For decades, stability and security in Afghanistan have presented a significant national security threat for the region’s two nuclear powers, India and Pakistan By Sumayya Khalil Monumental Taliban’s victory has changed the geopolitical and strategic situation of Afghanistan. Taliban’s swift

When America’s all-volunteer force loses a war

When America's all-volunteer force loses a war

By David Barno & Nora Bensahel The sudden fall of Afghanistan marks the very first time that the U.S. military has clearly lost a war fought solely by volunteers. This defeat will have many strategic consequences, but it also may

Biden’s basic question in a 2009

Biden's basic question in a 2009 1

White house meeting exposed the folly of the Afghanistan war “If the government’s a criminal syndicate a year from now, how will troops make a difference?” By Ryan Grim On the afternoon of October 9, 2009, President Barack Obama met

Joe Manchin voted to advance the $3.5 trillion budget bill

Joe Manchin voted to advance

Now he says Democrats should press pause By Jacob Pramuk Sen. Joe Manchin just made it clear Democrats have work to do to win his vote for their sprawling economic plan and prevent President Joe Biden’s agenda from collapsing. The

Shocking report exposes how US defense contractors have wasted trillions through fraud and corruption

Shocking report exposes how US defense contractors 1

By Kit Klarenberg The newly released ‘Profits of War’ report from Brown University has revealed in staggering detail the full extent of the corruption unleashed by Washington’s profligate defense spending during the 20-year War on Terror. It notes that since