Opportunity Knocks

The evolving and unfolding Afghan situation offers an opportunity for resolution of a long drawn out and seemingly intractable conflict. This opportunity is too good to ignore and it is not going More »

Keeping Pakistan out of the nuclear game

The credibility of the international nuclear non-proliferation regime faces a big question mark By Beenish Altaf There are nine nuclear weapon states. Four of these have not signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). More »

Foreign media prompted to criticize Pakistan’s military

Pakistan’s efforts for peace in the region have not been positively reciprocated, either by Afghanistan, or by India, as both are probably thrilled with their strategic partnership with the US By Col More »

Babur-III irks India

By Sultan M Hali Pakistan successfully test-fired its indigenously-developed submarine launched cruise missile (SLCM) Babur-III on January 9, 2017 from an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean according to ISPR. Having a More »

SCO Summit & Pakistan-India

By Mirza Kashif Baig Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is quickly growing as an influential forum with significant political and economic influence in the Eurasian region. As part of the new world order More »



The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Saturday 30th June 2018, published the final list of candidates and allotted them election symbols as per schedule.A total of 21,482 candidates had filed nomination papers this time and several have withdrawn. For


By TAYYABA TEHSEEN —— M.PHIL. SCHOLAR  Change occur through different illusion of our sub-conscious mind, observation indicate different differences – over some period of time which create the change in society called social change. It is a natural phenomenon social

This moment will go down in history:the US has given up on the overthrow of Assad in Syria

By : Robert Fisk When Washington ‘understands the difficult conditions’ its militia allies are facing and says it ‘advises’ the Russians and Syrians not to violate a ceasefire  which was Moscow’s idea in the first place  you know that the

The Next Pacific War: Lessons From Wake Island For The PLA

By BEN HO WAN BENG and GARY LEHMANN China’s increasingly aggressive rise puts the Pacific theater in play in a way it hasn’t been since 1945. In this essay, Singaporean scholar Ben Ho Wan Beng and retired US Marine Gary

Rise of the Quad India, America, Japan and Australia hold meetings and war exercises

The countries started giving shape to their security cooperation under the proposed quadrilateral coalition when they held their first official-level talks on 12 Nov 2017 On Thursday, foreign ministry officials from India, Australia, Japan and the US met in Singapore

Nuclear main streaming

By Yasir Hussain The Western academic community agrees that, had India not detonated its nuclear devices, it would have been almost impossible for Pakistan to go nuclear. This week, on May 28, 2018, Pakistan marked the 20th anniversary of its

US won’t play but China is around to pick up the pieces

Everything under heaven is in utter chaos; the situation is excellent.  Mao Zedong  By Amjad Ali The unpredictable behaviour of American President Donald Trump is generating distrust and suspicion in major corners of the world. The intransigent Trump in the

What happens when a bad-tempered, distractible doofus runs an Empire?

By Miranda Carter One of the few things that Kaiser Wilhelm II, who ruled Germany from 1888 to 1918, had a talent for was causing outrage. A particular specialty was insulting other monarchs. He called the diminutive King Victor Emmanuel

Changing world situation requires resilient nuclear posture

The world has changed and America’s nuclear strategy has to change as well, the deputy undersecretary of defense for policy said here today. David J. Trachtenberg told a Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies seminar on Capitol Hill that the Nuclear

NSG membership India can’t have its cake and eat it too

While the US has always supported India in its nuclear proliferation goals, this time even the super power has taken a backseat By Sonia Naz Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is the group of states that prevent nuclear proliferation by controlling