Vice Chancellor’s address on ‘Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy’

Brigadier Zahir Ul Haider Kazmi, Director General, Arms Control & Disarmament , Dr. Shahid Riaz Khan, Director Scientific Information & Public Relations (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission), Mr. Anwer Habib, former Chairman, Pakistan More »


Karachi University  RFI seminar, 5 Aug 19, Brig. Zahir UL Haider Kazmi DG Arms Control & Disarmament (ACDA-SPD) Prelude 1. Professor Iraqi (Vice Chancellor, Karachi University), Nusrat Mirza sahib (Chairman Rabita Forum More »

Rabita Forum International Organized a Seminar in collaboration with University of Karachi On Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy

Monday  the 5th August 2019, at Social Sciences Auditorium University of Karachi Nusrat  Mirza Chairman,  Rabita Forum International Prof. Dr. Khalid M. Iraqi, Brig. Zahir UL Haider Kazmi, Nusrat Mirza, Prof. Dr. More »

Time for Magnanimity

By : Bharat Karnad With the long overdue overturning of Article 370, the status of Jammu & Kashmir is now regularized within the Indian Union. In its wake, the Bharatiya Janata Party More »


Farhatullah Babar assesses the performance of the PTI’s administration By Farhatullah Babar The writer is a former senator On Sunday, August 18, Imran Khan completed one year in office as prime minister. More »


Myanmar/Bangladesh: Halt Rohingya Returns

Ensure Refugees’ Security, Basic Rights, Equal Access to Citizenship 20 Aug. 2019  (Source:Human Rights Watch) (New York)  The Myanmar and Bangladesh governments should suspend plans to repatriate Rohingya refugees until returns are safe, voluntary, and dignified, Human Rights Watch said

What’s Russia Up to in the Iranian Port of Chabahar?

The North-South Transport Corridor (NSTC) By Andrew Korybko There have been wild reports over the past few weeks  about Russia’s activities in the Iranian port of Chabahar,  with some sources even alleging that Moscow plans to  open up a naval

‘Chernobyl on ice’ Russia launches floating nuclear reactor in Arctic despite warnings

Russia’s floating nuclear reactor begins its 3,000-mile voyage to northern Siberia, despite fears it could become an environmental disaster By – Andrea Palasciano, AFP Russia will launch the world’s first floating nuclear reactor and send it on an epic journey


By Aram Roston (Reuters) – The United Arab Emirates finances the military leader trying to topple a United Nations-recognized government in Libya. It helps lead a coalition of nations imposing an economic blockade of Qatar, despite U.S. calls to resolve

Long Range Attack On Saudi Oil Field Ends War On Yemen

By Moon Of Alabama August 18, 2019 “Information Clearing House” – Today Saudi Arabia finally lost the war on Yemen. It has no defenses against new weapons the Houthis in Yemen acquired. These weapons threaten the Saudis economic lifelines. This


By Brandon Showalter, SATURDAY, AUGUST 10, 2019 The presence of foxes near the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism in the Old City of Jerusalem, has some saying that fulfillment of biblical prophecy is materializing.

US bombings on Hiroshima & Nagasaki were not to end WWII but to frighten Soviet Union

By Dave Lindorff Dave Lindorff is an award-winning US journalist, former Asia correspondent for Business Week, and founder of the collectively-owned journalists’ news site Almost three-quarters of a century ago on August 9, 1945, the United States dropped a

Kashmir Caged: A Fact-Finding Report

Jean Drèze, Kavita Krishnan, Maimoona Mollah and Vimal Bhai We spent five days (9-13 August 2019) traveling extensively in Kashmir. Our visit began on 9 August 2019  four days after the Indian government abrogated Articles 370 and 35A, dissolved the

Hurriyat leader Geelani urges Kashmiris to unite, issues 5-point ‘programme of action’

1)  Geelani issues ‘heartfelt appeal’ for peaceful protests against brutalities 2)  Asks government officials, police to protest against their ‘humiliation’ 3)  Tells Kashmiris around the world to act as ‘ambassadors’ 4)  Calls upon Pakistani leaders to ‘come forward’ to help

Kashmir : India’s Afghanistan

By Munir Akram (The writer is a former Pakistan ambassador to the UN.) WHEN the history of modern India is written, it is likely to record that the imperial ambitions of Hindu India died in Kashmir. Afghanistan is justifiably known