Rabita Forum Shows anxiety over piling up weapons by India


Rabita forum international’s (RFI) strategic committee composed of fourteen scholars, in a meeting on Saturday the October 13, 2018, president by its chairman Mr. Nusrat Mirza expressed its deep anxiety over the piling up the arms by India including Russian made S-400 defense system and making efforts to obtain (NASAMS) National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System from America to kill missiles and Cruise missiles.

Though, India pretends to obtain for defense purposes or against China but India shall and will use against Pakistan, if it could. The accumulations arms and other systems are in line of its policy to become regional or ultimately a super power. India as a nation is immature, irresponsible and may create disastrous havoc in the region in pursuit of its ulterior motives. Its seems that India may fall prey of  false feeling of a  Powerful country without consideration what Pakistan can do and what PAKISTAN has in response to all India’s arms.

The committee considers that the world should take notice of the Indian design to endanger world peace and to increase the sufferings of the people of the region and the world as India seems to be the prey of deception being a powerful country, is very dangerous and can escalate a full-fledged war.

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