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By Mirza kashif Baig

US invasion of Afghanistan was based on the need to uproot terrorism. 9/11 attack was a major change agent globally and what started as a move to eradicate terrorism soon appeared to be a move for US to enhance its goals for global domination. In the wake of 9/11 Pakistan played the part of an important ally to US, only to be betrayed by the hidden motives of American regime.

Due to Pakistan’s sincere efforts, Al-Qaeda’s network was uprooted, but that would mean that American justification for staying in Afghanistan would become irrelevant, but somehow Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) emerged and wreaked havoc in Pakistan, a country which was Afghanistan’s neighbour and a key ally of US. This provided USA with the justification to extend its stay in Afghanistan. Pakistan, after a deadly decade long war against TTP, emerged victorious against TTP but by that time a new threat had emerged, ISIS.

It started with Syria and Iraq, and now the ISIS forces have accumulated in Afghanistan, at a time when USA and the allied forces are facing serious problems from Afghan Taliban. It is important to note here that all these terrorist organizations have one thing in common and that is that despite their claims of fighting for Islam, they have somehow targeted Muslims all the while facilitating US in one way or the other.

On the other hand, Afghan Taliban are fighting against the US not to promote terrorism but because they view America as a foreign invader who overthrew their government and persecuted the Afghan people.  So while being labelled as terrorists by the USA and their western allies, Afghan people view the Afghan Taliban as freedom fighters. And as result, the Afghan Taliban are quite popular in Afghanistan. It is due to this support that Afghan Taliban continues to render heavy losses on American and NATO troops.

USA and allies have been restricted to a small portion of Afghanistan while majority of the country is under the influence of Afghan Taliban. In order to uproot Afghan Taliban, ISIS has emerged in Afghanistan with the support of USA. Their goal as from the start is to further American interests and to undermine the influence of Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan and elsewhere Muslim’s interest has been targeted.

It is important to note here that the ISIS and Afghan Taliban differ in terms of their goals and ethnic composition. Afghan Talibans are mainly nationalists who aim to rid their country of foreign invaders who have done nothing but to wreak havoc and shed blood of the innocent. They aim to establish a strong Afghan government which derives its power from the people of Afghanistan and not from US and its Western Allies.

On the other hand ISIS maintains no respect for International borders and aims for global domination. In terms of beliefs ISIS are Salafis whereas Afghan Taliban are pre-dominantly Deobandis. In fact ISIS does not belong to any Muslim sect but they are mercenary of USA who fights for money not the genuine or popular cause. Afghans have a 1000 year history in which they have never tolerated foreign rulers and have fought against all foreigners to remain independent.

It is due to this cause that Afghan Taliban are very popular amongst the Afghan people. Their goals are relatable and understandable to the Afghans and there is a bond of trust established on the basis of religion and ethnicity, something that the foreigners lack. Afghan Taliban are more focused and their goal is something that they believe in whereas ISIS fighters are mercenaries hired for the purpose of spreading terror and enhancing American interests and in this aspect they lack focus and passion.

These focused goals of the Afghan Taliban make them a formidable enemy something US has learnt the hard way. ISIS serves as the tool of US and looks to use Afghanistan as a path to Central Asian countries while this concept is in contrast with the freedom of Afghanistan as per Afghan Taliban.

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