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Corrected – US freezes out top Afghan official in peace talks feud

This March 18 story has been refilled to correct 8th paragraph to say Pentagon adviser is embedded, not that the State Department provides funding By Jonathan Landay In fallout from a feud over U.S.-Taliban peace talks, a senior U.S. diplomat

Is the United States about to lose control of its secretive Diego Garcia military base?

By Jenni Marsh The secretive Diego Garcia military base may be 1,000 miles from the nearest continent, but it has all the trappings of a modern American town. The troops here can dine on burgers at Jake’s Place, enjoy a

US military eyes mini nuclear reactors to reduce convoy casualties

By James Conca Military history buffs remember how the lack of oil and fuel for planes and tanks lead to losses in major battles and ultimately a war. Japan and Germany during WWII are the classic examples. Transport of liquid

United States seeks to guard Afghan peace talks from Kashmir crisis

The United States is trying to prevent simmering tensions between India and Pakistan from impacting a third country, Afghanistan, where a fragile peace push is underway to try to end more than 17 years of war with Taliban insurgents. U.S.

The real reason America is scared of Huawei – internet-connected everything

Five things you need to know about 5G, the next generation of wireless tech that’s fueling tensions between the US and China By Will Knight There was a time when the world’s two great superpowers were obsessed with nuclear weapons

‘America First’ means nuclear superiority

The US president’s annual State of the Union address traditionally focuses on domestic issues but it also throws some light on the foreign policy priorities. President Trump’s speech on Tuesday adhered to the pattern and if anything, the portions on

A new phase in the great game

U.S., Soviets, India, Pakistan vied to shape a new Afghanistan in late 1980s U.S. Ambassadors Dean and Raphel warned Washington unconditional support to Pakistan and fundamentalist factions of mujahedin was destabilizing the region Reagan administration supported India’s active role in

America is at it again

With its massive oil and gold reserves, Venezuela is now on US radar By M K Bhadrakumar The South Block has issued a wishy-washy statement, counselling that ‘it is for the people of Venezuela to find a political solution to

US – Russian relations in a New Era

Washington and Moscow are on the verge of a confrontation that has not been seen since the early 1980s By Thomas Graham Jr. The post Cold War period in U.S.-Russian relations ended abruptly in March 2014 with the eruption of

Trump faces decisions of great powers

The choices before him are difficult, but his administration is playing an angle From criticizing NATO and the World Trade Organization, to quitting the UN Human Rights Council, to dropping out of the Paris climate deal and the Iran nuclear