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The President is visiting troops in Iraq, to what end?

Do presidential visits to combat zones offer leaders any insights, or boost morale for troops? By Krishnadev Calamur & Jonathan Ernst Since Franklin D. Roosevelt secretly flew to Morocco to finalize Allied war planes with Winston Churchill and surprise American

US – German secret treaty means Berlin is Washington’s vassal until 2099

By Anna Voronova Top intelligence officers rarely reveal secret strings, pulling the nation’s political mechanism. Publication of a book like The German card. The obscure game of secret services, authored by Gerd-Helmut Komossa (Gerd-Helmut Komossa. Das verdeckte Spiel der geheimen

US will defeat EU army

By Finian Cunningham The testy slap-down by US President Donald Trump to the idea of a European army was telling. Any notion of the Europeans stepping away from American “protection” would be anathema to Washington. That’s because American power is

Washington finally accepts independent European defense initiatives?

By Ted Galen Carpenter The United States has a long, depressing record of trying to discourage European efforts to create an independent security capability. Washington’s hectoring of its NATO allies for greater “burden-sharing” always emphasizes more substantial European contributions within

More countries set to close ranks against Washington’s unilateralism

By Xie Chao It is clear that US President Donald Trump has resorted to unilateralism to change America’s strategic position in relation to other major powers. While making it plain that any state continuing to buy Iranian oil after November

Is America finished?

By Paul Craig Roberts Americans are now so polarized that they “no longer share basic sympathies and trust, because they no longer regard each other as worthy of equal consideration.” Codevilla blames the progressives and their attitude of moral superiority,

Trump’s unchecked hold on power comes to an end

The US midterm results are out. In a nutshell, Republicans retain majority in the Senate, while Democrats have seized control of the House of Representatives after a gap of 8 years. On balance, the midterm results constitute a setback for

Why is India moving heavy weapons towards Pakistan border?

According to the Russian media, the Indian army is deploying extra troops and war machines along the Pakistani border. Gunship helicopters, battle tanks, military cargo choppers, medium to heavy ammunition batteries and military ration depots along Line of Control (LoC)

US war strategists – Military defeats and political success

By James Petras I recorded the repeated US military defeats over the past two decades. In this discussion I will describe the role of military strategists who bear responsibility for the US defeats, but also for Israeli political successes. The

How President Trump is helping Beijing win in the South China Sea

By Robert D. Kaplan For years now, China has been at war against the United States in the South China Sea  only Washington didn’t notice until the process was well underway. The Chinese way of war, modeled after the philosopher