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Written on Chris Kanthan

French leader Macron released an astonishing statement today: “One of the essential points we must address as President Putin has always said is the fear that NATO comes right up to its doors and the deployment of weapons that could threaten Russia.” Talking about NATO expansion being a threat to Russia? This simple truth has been the geopolitical sacrilege among Western elites.  Plus, how it’s “President Putin” and not brutal dictator or other hysterical terms. By the way, this comes after Macron met with Biden at the White House and after German Chancellor Scholz spoke with Putin. Hence, the new approach is a clear sign that seismic changes are happening in Washington and European elite circles. So what went wrong and why is the great American proxy war faltering?

Here are 7 things that went wrong in the grand US/EU plan to defeat Russia:

  1. Lack of Global Support

Most of the world has refused to sanction Russia. Governments representing 84% of the world’s population continue to have normal relations with Russia. Large economies like China and India continue to buy Russian products. India’s imports of Russian oil, gas, coal and fertilizer have skyrocketed since the war began.

  1. Unhappy Europeans

There are huge protests and strikes all over Europe in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Greece etc.  against cost of living, inflation, lack of electricity and even food. Many protests are also directly against NATO’s involvement in Ukraine war. About 75% of Germans, French, British and other Europeans say that their country is going in the wrong track.

  1. “My country first”

Hungary is having a referendum to determine if it should buy Russia’s oil and gas. Other nations might follow this. Expect movements like “Italy First” and “Czech First”. Nobody cares about virtue signaling for Ukraine.

  1. Skyrocketing inflation

Inflation of energy (electricity, natural gas, diesel) are anywhere from 10-100%. In Germany, the powerhouse of Europe, energy inflation in 40%. Food and energy prices are intolerable. Blackouts and electricity shortage are common now. In schools, kids are given blankets rather than turning on the heat. And winter is just beginning.

  1. Three hundred thousand Europeans could die this winter!

One estimate is that 300,000 Europeans will die this winter due to lack of proper heating. More Europeans could die freezing to death than Ukrainian soldiers dying in the war! Will Europeans die passively or rise up against their idiotic governments, which are committing economic and physical suicide?

  1. De-industrialization and Unemployment

As explained in my other article “EU Dies, Russia Survives…”, numerous vital German companies  auto, steel, fertilizer, glass, paper, chemicals etc. have been idled or shut down. Unemployment due to this unprecedented de-industrialization will have massive and potentially permanent consequences. Anyone in Europe with a brain should be extremely worried.

  1. Russia is winning, in spite of the Western propaganda blitz

Look at the latest Ukraine map. Russia has managed to hold on to virtually all of the land it conquered. And Putin has been a gentle warrior by American standards. He could have destroyed Kiev’s infrastructure on day 1, back in February. He is now just punching gently to remind the European and American puppet masters how bad things could get.

EU’s lunatic President Ursula von der Leyen admitted in a speech that more than 100,000 Ukrainian “officers” have died so far. So, the actual number is likely much higher. Many 1000s of mercenaries from Poland, UK, USA and other countries have also died.


In the echo chambers of Washington and Brussels, defeating Russia was an easy proposition. This was their grand plan: Impose shock-and-awe economic sanctions, steal Russia’s foreign exchange reserves, crush the Russian economy, turn “Ruble into rubble,” and confiscate all the foreign assets of Russia’s billionaires… Viola! The Russian people will rise up and overthrow evil Putin, who will be replaced by a Western puppet.  Then, breakup Russia into smaller countries so that it could never rise up again. However, nothing worked out as planned. Now the globalists have to swallow their pride and make a deal with Putin. My guess is that Russia will keep the liberated parts of Ukraine, demand complete de-Nazification, and ensure that Ukraine will never again be a threat to Russia’s national, security and cultural interests.

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