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Arundhati Roy on Delhi violence

‘This is our version of the corona virus. We are sick’ By Arundhati Roy This place where we are gathered today is only a short bus ride away from where four days ago a fascist mob, fired up by speeches

India’s waging a state-on-citizen hybrid war to build Hindu state

By Andrew Korybko Dystopia in the capital of the self-professed “world’s largest democracy” “The Self-Professed ‘World’s Largest Democracy’ Is Experiencing A Real Uprising” as the author wrote late last year in response to the nationwide protests that erupted there against

The real objective of mob violence against Muslims in India

By Isaac Chotiner During the past several days, more than thirty people have been killed in mob violence primarily targeting Muslims in the Indian capital of New Delhi. At the center of the conflict is the Citizenship Amendment Act (C.A.A.),

How the Indian government watched Delhi burn

By Samanth Subramanian Two things happened in Delhi on Tuesday, and the gulf between them illustrated India’s wild, alarming swerve from normalcy. At the Presidential palace, Donald Trump concluded a two-day visit by attending a ceremonial dinner: an evening of

On the political impasse in Afghanistan

Press Statement Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State The United States is proud of our partnership with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Afghan people, and admires what Afghanistan has achieved since 2001. We have forged a deep bond,

The Prospect of peace in Afghanistan is real…and Pakistan is the key player

By M. K. Bhadrakumar The chasm between illusion and reality in politics remains perennial. Wars seldom ended according to the script of peace agreements. The fall of Saigon in April 1975 ending the Vietnam War, with defeated Americans hastily retreating

Afghan peace deal Observations, loopholes, & expectations

By Andrew Korybko An historic accord The US-Taliban peace deal that was signed on Saturday in the Qatari capital of Doha is an historic agreement which sets the timeline and conditions for the full withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.

Joint Declaration between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the United States of America for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, a member of the United Nations and recognized by the United States and the international community as a sovereign state under international law, and the United States of America are committed to working together to

Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which is not recognized by the United States as a state and is known as the Taliban and the United States of America

Saturday the February 29, 2020 which corresponds to Rajab 5, 1441 on the Hijri Lunar calendar and Hoot 10, 1398 on the Hijri Solar calendar A comprehensive peace agreement is made of four parts: 1.Guarantees and enforcement mechanisms that will

U.S., Taliban Sign Deal To End War In Afghanistan

U.S. President Donald Trump hailed the deal and said he would meet soon with Taliban leaders The United States has signed a historic agreement with the Taliban that could lead to the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan and