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Why India needs to strengthen its nuclear deterrent

By Brig (R) Vinod Anand While China has opposed the recently announced US Nuclear Posture Review of 2018 it has not been remiss in developing its nuclear arsenal both quantitatively and qualitatively. Towards the end of January China tested a

The Andaman and Nicobar IslandsIndia’s Eastern Anchor in a Changing Indo-Pacific

By Darshana M. Baruah War on the rocks The Andaman and Nicobar Islands provide significant surveillance and monitoring advantages to India’s navy. If India can chart out a role for the islands in its maritime domain awareness project, it can

India unifies its Armed Forces under an integrated theater of command

New Delhi has taken a significant step towards enmeshing the Indian Armed Forces-the Indian Air Force, the Army, and the Navy-under a unified or “integrated” theatre of command. Top government sources say that new “statutory rules and orders” have been

The Ayodhya verdict can shake the very foundations of India

Hearing again adjourned till 23 March By Shafique Ahmed Shafique The Supreme Court had fixed 14 March 2018 as the next date of hearing in the Ayodhya dispute, citing incomplete filing of documents by the petitioners on the prevous date,

India’s military spending & South Asian security

Syed Zain Jaffery Business Standard Over the past several years, unprecedented military modernization in Pakistan’s immediate neighbour, India, has worsened South Asia’s security environment. India’s heavy military spending and its unstoppable quest for the acquisition of sophisticated weapons have threatened

How India is running out of strategic options with Pakistan

A war focusing only on retributions is aimless By Lt Gen H S Panag Since 1945, nuclear weapons have been used only as a deterrent and, in terms of military theory, are “unusable” in war. Wars are fought to achieve

India-China bilateral trade hits historic high of $84.44 billion in 2017

The India-China bilateral trade reached $84.44 billion last year, an historic high notwithstanding bilateral tensions over a host of issues including the Doklam standoff. A rare novelty of the bilateral trade otherwise dominated by the Chinese exports was about 40

I saw a genocide in slow motion

Myanmar continues to kill its Rohingya, now by denying them health care and sometimes food instead of by wielding machetes and firing bullets By Nicholas Kristof Her newborn twins had died the previous day, and she squatted in her grass-roof

Trump is good for Afghanistan, tough on Pakistan, say experts

By Yunas Fakur Trump’s first year as US president has been seen positively by Afghanistan, while Pakistan feels betrayed and angered by Washington’s censure of Islamabad. It’s unclear if Trump’s policies will bring lasting peace. Much was at stake for

India exposed

This wicked game of malice, hate and never-ending tensions from India aims at maligning Pakistan By Iftikhar Ahmad Elias Davidson’s book, The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 is a must-read for authorities in Pakistan to discuss and take adequate