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The Indian Chief speaks – but position unworthy

General Bipin Rawat says it like it is on Kashmir, will politicians pay heed? Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Bipin Rawat has been known throughout his glorious military career to have always led from the front. He continues to

Pivoting against China?

By Bharat Karnad The Indian government and its agencies, including the armed services, have been so infected by myopia and the supposed Pakistan threat that, as I have argued for some 40 years now, no one in an official post

Behind the ‘enemy’ line the borders of J&K

The closer you get to the border in J&K, the greater the yearning for an end to ceasefire violations By Happymon Jacob “Why do you want to visit our side of the Line of Control (LoC)?” a senior Pakistan army

US – Pakistan split – Whither Afghanistan?

By Andrew Korybko The escalating tensions between the US and Pakistan over what Washington says is Islamabad’s provision of “safe havens to terrorists” might lead to NATO being cut off from Afghanistan. In a telling sign of his priorities for

US creates Afghan transit route with counter-narrative in Central Asia

The US President Donald Trump made a significant diplomatic breakthrough in the Afghan war by getting Kazakhstan President Nurusultan Nazarbayev to commit at their meeting in the White House on January 16 to pledge “to deepen bilateral defense and security

’60 minutes’ story on Afghanistan highlights 16 years of US failures

Ghani also made a staggering claim of 21 international terrorist groups operating in the country, making Afghanistan less safe. A fifteen minute story on CBS network’s famous show ’60 minutes’ highlights glaring US failures, amid growing insecurity after 16 years

Cutting off Pakistan, US takes gamble in complex Afghan war

By Mujib Mashal and Salman Masood Afghan officials have pleaded with several United States administrations now to reconsider their support for Pakistan, which was both receiving billions of dollars in American aid and harboring on its soil the leaders of

Pakistan’s asymmetrical response to Trump is a clever way to flip the tables on Afghanistan

By Andrew Korybko Pakistan’s announcement that it will seek the expulsion of over 1.5 million Afghan refugees in the next 30 days is being tacitly justified by Trump’s tweet and channels his zero-tolerance stance towards immigration from “terrorist”-prone states, but

Why the war in Afghanistan is an even bigger defeat than Vietnam

By John Haltiwanger After 13 years of fighting, the War in Afghanistan is finally winding down. American and British forces just withdrew from Camp Leatherneck and Camp Bastion and handed over the military complex to Afghan forces. The event marked

India stands by Russia as US crosses ‘red line’ in Ukraine

In a highly significant diplomatic gesture, India showed solidarity with Russia in the UN General Assembly vote on Tuesday, which condemned the human rights situation in Crimea and Sevastopol. The resolution, which was proposed by Ukraine and backed by the