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Hybrid warfare

By Munir Akram THE 2018 IDEAS Expo in Karachi featured a high-level seminar on hybrid warfare. This was a timely recognition that threats to national security can and do assume complex forms. For over 60 years, nuclear weapons have deterred

Passing out parade of 110th Midshipmen, short service course held

Passing out parade of 110th Midshipmen and 19th Short Service  Course was held at Naval Academy on Saturday 29 Dec. Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa was the chief guest on the occasion. Chief of Naval

What is India hiding in Kashmir?

By : Syed Ali Geelani “Human rights violations in Kashmir perpetrated by Indian army with legal immunity dwarf in scale the violations that provoked international humanitarian action in other international disputes. Human rights violations in Kashmir have been documented by

Pakistan’s ISI as a counter – terror fighting force – is it worth the hype?

By Kamal Alam Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency is labelled as an obstacle to peace in Afghanistan and blamed for a host of other issues affecting South Asia. Does it deserve its reputation, or is the media hype misguided? Every two

What will Pakistan achieve from PM Imran Khan’s visit to China?

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, on his first official visit to China, met the Chinese President Xi Jinping and lauded the way China has been able to eradicate corruption and alleviate poverty. He expressed his desire to learn from China

SCO – Pakistan’s insertion and opportunities

By Muhammad Javed Siddique After the disintegration of the Soviet Union (in 1991) and the emergence of the United States as the sole superpower, countries like Russia and China  the aspiring major powers  felt the need to engage and cooperate

Strategic bond between Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey

By Dr. Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan To clear many misconceptions that might have arisen from a recent article titled Strange estrangement by M Abrar Ameen, I am duty-bound to remove these as well as distortions of history while providing proper

10th Edition of International Defense Exhibition and Seminar

The four-day defense exhibition 27 to 30 November, was opened by President Arif Alvi. Around 262 high-level delegations from 51 different countries  attended the exhibition. Addressing the opening ceremony, the president asserted, “Pakistan is a peaceful country and we look

Rabita Forum Shows anxiety over piling up weapons by India

Resolution Rabita forum international’s (RFI) strategic committee composed of fourteen scholars, in a meeting on Saturday the October 13, 2018, president by its chairman Mr. Nusrat Mirza expressed its deep anxiety over the piling up the arms by India including

NAB summons PS to Prime Minister A case of ‘balancing act’ or ‘misuse of authority’?

By Ansar Abbasi Shortly before the arrest of Shahbaz Sharif in Ashiana housing case, a senior NAB official from the KP met this correspondent to get a story done against Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary Azam Khan in the Malam Jabba