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All Parties Roundtable Conference on Kashmir Atrocities

All Parties Kashmir Conference 10 January, 2019: at Such TV Studio Chief Guest:  Allama Iftekhar Hussain NaqviMember Islami Nazryati Council / Member Roet Hilal Committee Presided by : Nusrat Mirza Rabita Forum International organized an All Parties Roundtable Conference on

Pakistan turns to Gulf countries to keep economy afloat with

‘Open for business’ strategy, Imran Khan draws billions and delays IMF reckoning By Saeed Shah Prime Minister Imran Khan has opened a new chapter in Pakistan’s long history of using its strategic position to win foreign support this time turning

Pakistan’s conventional military deterrence is more robust than commonly assumed

By Amrita Nayak Dutta A US-based policy platform has analysed Pakistan’s conventional deterrence capability, and said it now has a range of non-nuclear response options. New Delhi: Pakistan is no slouch when it comes to conventional military deterrence. In fact,

Pakistan equips military with tactical nuke-capable missile

By Ayaz Gul Pakistan launched a short-range ballistic missile Thursday, formally equipping the military with a nuclear-capable rocket that officials say would deter a surprise conventional attack against the country by rival India. “This training exercise involved launching of quad

Nuclear weapons ban treaty – A dilemma

By Mehvish Malik The global peace and threat to international security is a well-debated theme at the United Nations (UN) from many decades, especially since the inception of nuclear weapons. The global nuclear politics had significantly influenced such debates related

China, Pakistan to jointly produce Wing Loong II UAVs

By Gabriel Dominguer & Rahul Bedi Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra and China’s Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (CAC) will reportedly jointly produce 48 Wing-Loong II strike-capable, reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The announcement, which was made on 6th October via the

Baloch youth must prefer “education” over militancy

Tribal chieftain phenomenon deteriorated The Baloch had been traditional in his outlook and in way of life with a ‘tribal head’ looking after his amelioration. And the ‘tribal head’ of yore had always been considerate with selflessness as his hallmark

Pakistan’s new weapon system for air defence

Al Bayza 2019 – LY-80 strengthens Pakistan’s air defence capabilities The Pakistan Army Air Defence displayed its firepower capability at Air Defence firing ranges near Karachi. Firing by all air defense weapon systems was the culminating event of two weeks

Threats turned requests Pakistan’s aid in us-afghan peace talks

By Sidra Insar Chaudhary Since the start of the diplomatic relationships with the colonial camps, Pakistan has always been in the American side and assisted them time and again. Being located in the ideal place, Pakistan has always played a

Pakistan shocked: Sahiwal’s shameful incident

Parents, teenage daughter among 4 killed during  CTD ‘encounter’ in Sahiwal Even 72 years later, we could not correct any of our country’s institutions Sahiwal Punjab: (Saturday January 19, 2019)  Three family members  husband, wife and their teenage daughter  and