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Accommodating multiple independent reentry vehicles

“And He sent against them flocks of birds” (Al Quran: 105.4).

Ababeel, which means birds in flocks, is described in ‘Surah Al-Feel’ by Allah Almighty. This Surah narrates the event of Abraha’s attack on ‘Baitullah,’ where he and his elephants were destroyed by the birds that arrived in flocks, each carrying a stone of baked clay in their beaks and two in their claws. These flocks of birds (Ababeel) struck Abraha’s army with those pebbles, rendering them like consumed straws. Considering this historical context, the missile system is named Ababeel, as it is equipped with Multi Independent Reentry Vehicles (MIRVs), a technology that allows a single missile to carry multiple nuclear & conventional  warheads, each capable of striking different targets. Team Interaction is delighted to pay tribute to those who chose the name ‘Ababeel’ for the weapon system.

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