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Centre for aerospace power studies


No.         Title

P-12       Group Captain (R) Shaheen Mazhar, Cities: The Targets for Nuclear Weapons, June 2002.

P-13       Centre for Aerospace Power Studies, Publication on Air Power, July 2002.

P-14       Air Cdre (R) Jamal Hussain, Relevance of Conventional Forces in Nuclear Environment, August 2002.

P-15       Centre for Aerospace Power Studies, Proceedings of Seminar on Aerospace Power in South Asia, September 2002.

P-16       Group Captain (R) Shaheen Mazhar, Deterrence, October 2002.

P-17       Air Commodore (R) Jamal Hussain, Dynamics of Nuclear Strategy in South Asia, November 2002.

P-18       Air Cdre (R) Jamal Hussain, Threat from Prithvi Class Missile, December 2002.

P-19       Group Captain (R) Shaheen Mazhar, Nuclear Command and Control (Part-I), February 2003.

P-20       Group Captain (R) Shaheen Mazhar, Nuclear Command and Control (Part-II), February 2003.

P-21       Air Commodore (R) Jamal Hussain, Deterrence in Nuclear Environment, March 2003.

P-22       Centre for Aerospace Power Studies, Proceedings of Seminar on “Self-Reliance in Military Aviation, April 2003.

P-23       Air Cdre (R) Jamal Hussain, Air Power in the Iraq Conflict and Lessons for Pakistan, Mary 2003.

P-24       Group Captain (R) Shaheen Mazhar, Nuclear Command and Control (Part III) June 2003.

P-25       Air Commodore (R) Jamal Hussain, USA-Israel Relationship: Who Controls Whom? July 2003.

P-26       Air Cdre (R) Jamal Hussain, Beware of the American Armageddon, August 2003.

P-27       Group Captain (R) Shaheen Mazhar, Nuclear Command and Control (Part-IV), September 2003.

P-28       Air Cdre (R) Jamal Hussain, The Air Defence Matrix: Options for Pakistan, October 2003.

P-29       Group Captain (R) Shaheen Mazhar, Safety of Nuclear Operations, November 2003.

P-30       Special Issue: Address by Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force, November 2003.

P-31       Air Cdre (R) Jamal Hussain, The Indian AWACS Threat, December 2003.

P-32       Group Captain (R) Shaheen Mazhar, Minimum and Finite Deterrence, January 2004.

P-33       Group Captain Shaheen Mazhar (R), First Strike, February 2004.

P-34       Air Cdre (R) Jamal Hussain, Nuclear Deterrence and Nuclear Command and Control Paradigm in the Indian Sub-Continent-An Academic Overview, March 2004.

P-35       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Is a Kashmir Solution in the Offing? April 2004.

P-36       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Defence of Pakistan- A Fresh Look at the Military Strategy in the Changed Environment May 2004.

P-37       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Cold Start, June 2004.

P-38       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), USAF-IAF Joint Air to Air Exercise: Cope India 2004, July 2004.

P-39       Air Cdre Shahid Kamal (R), Air Power 101 October 2004.

P-40       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), PAF Begins to Narrow the Technological Gap and Some, November 2004.

P-41       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain (R), Targeting Philosophy for Small Air Force, January 2005.

P-42       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Finally, Yes to the F-16, March 2005.

P-43       Wing Commander Akmal Abbas Khan, Role of UAVs / UCAVs in Air Power Employment Concept, June 2005.

P-44       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Air Force’ Dimension of the 2002 Military Standoff (A Pakistani Perspective), July, 2005.

P-45       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), The Need for AEW&C Platforms by the PAF, November 2005.

P-46       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Differentiating Between Terrorism and Freedom Fighting. February 2006.

P-47       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Israeli Aggression against Lebanon.

P-48       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), If Hezbollah Can Stand Up to the Israeli Armed Forces Without the F-16s Why Do We Need Them?

P-49       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), And Pray What Happened to the Blessed Patriot / Arrow Missiles.

P-50       Afrah Jamal, Making of a Fighter Ace, September 2006.

P-51       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Security Challenges for Pakistan Air in the 21st Century (A Regional and National Perspective), October 2006.

P-52       Afrah Jamal Pioneers of Reconnaissance, in the PAF, November 2006.

P-53       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), The Kargil Conflict: A Reappraisal, October 2006.

P-54       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Development of Air Power Strategy- A Historical Perspective, December 2007.

P-55       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Pakistan Assistance Strategy Paper – A Review from a Pakistani Perspective, March 2010.

P-56       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Air Power Employment in Asymmetric Warfare, April 2010.

P-57       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Air Power Employment in Asymmetric Warfare and Collateral Damage: A Case study of Operations RAH E RAST and RAH E NIJAAT, April 2010.

P-58       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Air to Air Refuellers for the PAF, May 2010.

P-59       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), US-Pakistan Relationship: A Roller Coaster Ride (Part I  1947 to 1971), July 2010.

P-60       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), US-Pakistan Relationship: A Roller Coaster Ride (Part II  1972 to 2010), August 2010.

P-61       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), PAF: Past and Present  The Challenges Ahead, September 2010.

P-62       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), ISI: Rogue or Fall Guy, October 2010.

P-63       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Development of Air Power Strategy, a Historical Perspective, November 2010.

P-64       Gp. Capt. Shaheen Mazhar (R), Effects-Based Operations, December 2010.

P-65       Gp. Capt. Shaheen Mazhar (R) What is so Difficult about Effects-Based Operations, January 2011.

P-66       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), The Taliban Threat to the Integrity of Pakistan, February 2011.

P-67       Gp. Capt. Shaheen Mazhar (R), Decision Making: Analytic Paradigm, March 2011.

P-68       Sqn. Ldr. Asad Ul Ghafoor, Stealth, April 2011.

P-69       Gp. Capt. Shaheen Mazhar (R), Decision Making: Cybernetic Paradigm, May 2011.

P-70       Air Cdre Jamal Hussain (R), Are Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Safe? June 2011.

P-71       Gp Capt. Shaheen Mazhar (R), Decision Making: Cognitive Paradigm, July 2011.

P-72       Gp Capt. Shaheen Mazhar (R), Understanding Denial & Deception, August 2011.

P-73       Sqn. Ldr. Asad Ul Ghafoor, Exploiting Latest Generation CBU Capabilities, September 2011.

P-74       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain (R), Development of a Philosophy for Conduct of Air Operations by the PAF in Low-Intensity Conflicts, October 2011.

P-75       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain (R), US Pressure and Options for Pakistan, November 2011.

P-76       Squadron Leader Asad Ul Ghafoor, The Game Theory, December 2011.

P-77       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain (R), Pakistan’s 26/11, January 2012.

P-78       Group Captain Shaheen Mazhar (R), Counter insurgency, February 2012.

P-79       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain (R), The Changing Nature of Warfare Since World War II, March 2012.

P-80       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain (R), Opening of NATO Supply Routes, April 2012.

P-81       Squadron Leader Asad Ul Ghafoor Gaad, Indian MMRCA Deal and Implications for Pakistan, May 2012.

P-82       Air Commodore (R) Jamal Hussain, Salala Attack Probe. June 2012.

P-83       Squadron Leader Asad Ul Ghafoor, The Iran Crisis. July 2012.

P-84       Air Commodore (R) Jamal Hussain, The Struggle for Self-Reliance in the PAF. August 2012.

P-85       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain (R), PAF in the Counterinsurgency Role in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan. September 2012.

P-86       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain (R) (PAF) and Dr. Mansoor bin Tahnoon (UAE), The Iranian Crisis December 2012.

P-87       Air Commodore (R) Jamal Hussain, PAF Doctrine AFM 1-1: An Appraisal. January 2013.

P-88       Air Commodore (R) Jamal Hussain, Sub-conventional Warfare Practioners of the 21st Century May 2013.

P-89       Air Commodore (R) Jamal Hussain, Air Operations in Sub-Conventional Warfare June 2013.

P-90       Air Commodore (R) Jamal Hussain, Major Issues Confronting Pakistan’s Fight against Terror Outfits, July 2013.

P-91       Air Commodore (R) Jamal Hussain, Nuclear Weapons: A Game Changer in the War Dynamics of South Asia, August 2013.

P-92       Air Commodores (R) Jamal Hussain, The Invisible Foreign Hands, October 2013.

P-93       Air Commodore (R) Jamal Hussain, Is Stopping of NATO Supply a Viable Option for Pakistan? November 2013.

P-94       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Democracy and Pakistan November 2013.

P-95       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Impact of the Induction of Tactical Nuclear Weapons by Pakistan on Overall Deterrence, February 2014.

P-96       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, TTP’S ACHILLES HEELS, March 2014.

P-97       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, The Start of the Urban Warfare Phase in Pakistan, June 2014.

P-98       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Expose the War Narrative of the TTP, September 2014.

P-99       Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, LOC Violation: Who Started it, November 2014.

P-100     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Nuclear Weapons Balance Sheet, February 2015.

P-101     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, The Yemen Crisis and Pakistan’s Dilemma, May 2015.

P-102     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Seymour Hersh Reignites the OBL Raid Controversy, June 2015.

P-103     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Fresh Challenges being faced by Pakistan, August 2015.

P-104     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, The Kalabagh Dam Controversy, January 2016.

P-105     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain China Pakistan Economic Corridor, March 2016.

P-106     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain Eight Block 52 F-16s get the Indian Goat, April 2016.

P-107     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Daesh, April 2016.

P-108     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, If you think Pakistan Anchors are Abrasive, Look East, May 2016.

P-109     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Why Do You Hate US? July 2016.

P-110     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Narendra Modi Swings India, July 2016.

P-111     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Afghanistan’s Attitude towards Pakistan: Dr. Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome, August, 2016.

P-112     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Dr. Christine Fair on Pakistan, September 2016.

P-113     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, The Uri Massacre: the Blame Game Continues, September 2016.

P-114     Afrah Jamal, On Getting the RAW end of the Deal, September 2016.

P-115     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Is Cyril Scoop a Breach of National Security, October 2016.

P-116     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Hussain Haqqani’s Another Cheap Shot at the Pakistan Military November 2016.

P-117     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Trump and Pakistan, January, 2017.

P-118     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Hudson Institute Report on Pakistan by Heritage Foundation: an Appraisal, February 2017.

P-119     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Indian First Strike Option, March 2017.

P-120     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, The Terror War in Pakistan: The Afghanistan Factor and How to Cope with it. April 2017.

P-121     Air Commodores Jamal Hussain, Stop Blaming Pakistan for Your Failures in Afghanistan. May 2017.

P-122     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Seema Sirohi’s Broadside Against Pakistan, June 2017.

P-123     Air Commodores Jamal Hussain, Madrasa Reforms: Lynchpin of Pakistan Efforts towards Combating Terrorism, July 2017.

P-124     Air Commodores Jamal Hussain, Pakistan  Iran Relationship, August 2017.

P-125     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, The ICJ verdict on Kulshushan Yadav, September 2017.

P-126     Air Commodores Jamal Hussain, Kashmir: Indian Achilles Heel, October 2017.

P-127     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Some Flaws in the Master Plan, November 2017.

P-128     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Larry Pressler’s Broadside against Pakistan, December 2017.

P-129     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Foreign Support to the Balochistan Insurgency, January 2018.

P-130     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Where were the US-Canadian hostages before they were freed, February 2018.

P-131     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, American Vietnam and Afghanistan Wars Analogy: Does History Repeats itself or Does it Often Rhyme? March 2018.

P-132     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, US-Pakistan Military Alliances: Lessons for USA, April 2018.

P-133     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Pakistani Air Power July 2018.

P-134     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Why has Trump pulled USA out of the Iran nuclear deal and why now? Sept 2018.

P-135     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Pricy Combat Planes and even Pricier Operational Costs, November 2018.

P-136     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Air Power Employment under International Humanitarian Law (IHL), February 2019.

P-137     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, The Balakot Raid and its Aftermath, March 2019.

P-138     Air Commodore Jamal Hussain, Space Exploration: Lesson 101, March 2019.

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