Five day Naval Exercise – draws 46 participates countries

February 8 – 12, 2019

Multinational Maritime Exercise AMAN 19 formally commenced on Friday at Pakistan Navy Dockyard with a colorful flag hoisting ceremony. Ships of the participating navies, observers, foreign diplomats and a large number of Pakistan Navy personnel attended the event, said a press release issued here.

Chief Guest on the occasion was Commander Pakistan Fleet, Vice Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi whereas Chief of Romanian Naval Forces, Vice Admiral Alexandru Mirsu and Commander Zimbabwe National Army, Lt. General Edzai Absolom Chanyuka Chimonyo attended the ceremony as guests of honour.

During the ceremony, the message of Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi was also read out. In his message the Naval Chief welcoming the participants of Exercise AMAN-19, the 6th episode of the AMAN initiative highlighted that today threats to maritime security increasingly emanate from contemporary asymmetric challenges that have deeply impacted the maritime environment.

There is strong realization that given the vast expanse of oceans and an array of maritime threats, preserving maritime order in the global commons, necessitates collaborative efforts as a matter of compulsion rather than choice. “I look forward to successful and rewarding Exercise and thank all the participants who have travelled great distances to be our worthy guests and invaluable partners in pursuit of peace” the Naval Chief stated in his message.

Speaking on the occasion, Commander Pakistan Fleet, Vice Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi welcoming the participating nations for a common resolve “Together for Peace” emphasized that we can work together, keeping our differences aside, to defeat our common adversaries. These adversaries pose threats like piracy, terrorism, drug-trafficking, gun-running and human smuggling; and greater adversary is the climate change which calls for a growing need to respond to it collectively.

Commander Pakistan Fleet added that despite having a turbulent phase of its contemporary history, Pakistan remained steadfast in fighting the forces of terror and tyranny. Pakistan continues to be a responsible state, cognizant of its role and significance in the international system. Vice Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi highlighted that Pakistan has been a proactive member of maritime security initiatives launched as part of the war against terror.

Pakistan Navy has always been a consistent Security contributor in Indian Ocean Region. Task Force 88 and Regional Maritime Security Patrol (RMSP) have been institutionalized to ensure maritime security of Gwadar and adjacent sea lanes and maintain robust security posture in critical sea areas and choke points in Indian Ocean for protection of national and international shipping.

A flag hoisting ceremony of participating Special Operations Forces was also held separately at Pakistan Navy Unit PNS IQBAL, Chief Guest on the occasion was Commander Coast, Vice Admiral Muhammad Fayyaz Gilani. AMAN-19 is a multinational Naval Exercise conducted biennially by Pakistan Navy since 2007. The exercise is based on Pakistan Navy led initiative to bring in world navies under one umbrella for collaborative peace and security in the maritime domain.

The current exercise, 6th in the series has a growing number of participants. This year 45 nations are participating through Ships, Aircraft, Special Operating Forces, Observers and Speakers. One of the key events of AMAN-19 other than sea exercises, is ‘International Maritime Conference’ spanned over three days, being organized by National Centre for Maritime Policy Research (NCMPR).

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