Germany suddenly publicly stated its position, and the United States was dumbfounded!

Germany suddenly publicly stated its position, 2

On January 28, the Internet client of the famous German newspaper Hamburger Morgen post reported that German Chancellor Merkel, in the past three days, has continuously criticized the US Biden administration for “forming gangs” against China. The “cold war alliance” act explained to European countries and the world why Germany insisted on this position.

Merkel said that Germany will not participate in any US-led behavior aimed at “encirclement and suppression” China, and she also advises other countries not to participate in this “hegemonic” behavior! Because it will bring no other benefits besides harming European unity and world economic recovery!

Merkel said that the “cold war of alliance” is a new type of formulation in diplomacy since the Biden administration of the United States came to power. It is “the most stark expression that one country opposes the rise of another country.” Germany believes that China has the right to rise. The United States has no right to coerce other European countries into obeying the “selfishness” practice of serving the United States.

According to the online version of the newspaper, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has used different international occasions to continuously express the above-mentioned position in the past three days. German media believe that this is an extremely rare phenomenon. It reflects the Germans’ extreme anxiety about the intensifying “Cold War” between China and the United States.

In particular, since the Biden administration came to power, driven by its domestic right-wing forces, it has become more and more unabashedly “anti-China behaviors” and strong dissatisfaction for forcing countries, especially European countries, to “choose sides.” “In particular, the new U.S. Secretary of State Blincoln unabashedly issued new threats and sanctions against China in Washington on Tuesday.

At the same time, he severely criticized Europe and should not sign an investment agreement with China behind its back. Great disgust, anxiety and restlessness in Europe.” The day before yesterday (26th), Merkel unceremoniously rejected the European Commission and the United States’ call for Germany to choose sides between China and the United States, and actively responded to the Chinese leaders. The day before (25th) the call and initiative concerning the development of world multilateralism.

Merkel said, “The development of international multilateralism means the development of a large international democracy. It is highly compatible with the democratic ideals of various countries and does not go against each other. It is the latest practice of world democracy!” She criticized the United States for calling for democracy on the one hand, but on the other hand, it suppressed democracy and cracked down on the behavior of other weak countries in the world! She believes that this is the most condemned and naked international hegemonism.

On January 27, the American political news website Politico reported on German Chancellor Angela Merkel under the title “Merkel Stands on China to Avoid the Group-like Cold War.” The day before yesterday (26th), at the World Economic Forum in Davos (WEF) in her speech, she opposed the alliance between the United States and China. She strongly stated that she “very hopes to avoid the establishment of such anti-China groups.”

Merkel pointed out that if we say that this side is the United States and that side is China, and we are forming alliances around one or the other, this is unfair to many societies. “This is not my understanding of things. “. In essence, for Germany, this is a new type of “international Tyranny” At the same time, Merkel also mentioned the Chinese national leader. She said: “He and I have reached an agreement. We have all seen the necessity of multilateralism in the world and its importance to contain hegemonism.”

Merkel also said that she was “very satisfied” with the conclusion of the China-EU Investment Agreement. She believes this will provide the most powerful guarantee and support for Europe’s economic recovery in the next 20 years. In particular, it has injected fresh blood into the sustainable development of the German national economy!

Merkel also called on leaders of all countries to “look forward” and “strengthen the World Health Organization” to deal with its failure. She said that Biden’s decision to rejoin the WHO sent a “very good message.” However, she hopes that Biden will not be “irresponsible” and “reckless” like the Trump era! Merkel’s intensive anti-American “cold war” series of statements immediately caused an uproar in international public opinion! It is like dropping a blockbuster in European politics!

Both the supporters and the opponents reacted fiercely and expressed their opinions! The Spanish government spokesperson believes that the Cold War is a “collective political terror memory” of European countries in the 21st century. The statement made by German Chancellor Merkel reflects the truest concerns of European countries. And the speech of the new US Secretary of State Blincoln has aggravated the great fears of European countries about a new cold war in the world.

The French government’s deputy Prime Minister, Jean Benneck, said at a diplomatic video conference in Paris on Wednesday (27th), “The French government basically supports this view of Germany. In today’s world where the epidemic is rampant, encircle China. Not constructive. The Trump administration’s trade war has severely disrupted the supply chain of international economic production. It poses the most serious threat to the economic recovery of European countries.”

The Swiss “Davos Tribune” stated that the US Biden administration’s “cold war” declaration was an irresponsible and irresponsible “tyrant”. It not only seriously threatened Europe’s political and economic security, but also severely undermined the internal unity of Europe and the United States. In particular, the Biden government’s request that other European countries “choose sides” has severely torn the country apart. In this regard, he is no different from the “selfishness” of the Trump administration!

Generally speaking, Western European countries and public opinion generally support the position and viewpoint of German Chancellor Merkel’s speech. The former Soviet Union allied countries in Eastern Europe oppose it. When expounding Poland’s position, Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Katunski Orwell said, “The United States is an ally of Europe. Any diplomatic action in Europe must notify our American partners and win the support and understanding of the United States.”

Kadavia Bridge, press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, said that Lithuania was puzzled by German Chancellor Merkel’s speech. European countries should not cause controversy again because of a small China. Lithuania believes that the United States is the cornerstone of European national security. We must stand with America.

The huge controversy over Merkel’s diplomatic speech also spread to Asia. Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently stated that not many countries hope to join the coalition that excludes China. This has been made clear: what the international community needs is cooperation, and sanctions will only bring counter-sanctions.

The Japanese government pointed out in a statement the day before yesterday (26th) that there is no evidence that the Chinese government implemented a “mass genocide policy” in Xinjiang. All the accusations against China are simply untenable. The “cold war of alliances” is not only impossible, but will destroy the development of East Asia. The Japanese government has no way to participate in the “cold war of alliances” against China.

In this “world fierce quarrel” about Merkel’s diplomatic speech, the one with the highest tune, the loudest voice, and the happiest dance was undoubtedly the “Taiwan independence authority” of Taiwan’s ruling DPP. Taiwan’s so-called pseudo-“Vice President” Lai Qingde strongly accused German Chancellor Merkel’s speech as a betrayal of “the world’s democratic system and free values. It also violated the commitment to world peace and development.”

In response to German Chancellor Merkel’s diplomatic speech, this worldwide public opinion storm has just proved the most popular justice in the world. Everything is as pointed out by the Italian “Milan Fashion News”, “China has been the most important engine of international economic development in recent years, and it is the best performer in the economic field. It is not only unfair, but also more important. Easily arouse public anger.”.

“Peaches and plums don’t say anything, the next step is self-explanatory.” In short, as long as we do our own thing, everything will make China invincible forever! “Development is the best politics; strength is the most powerful language!” As long as you are strong enough and your fists are strong enough, there will be no way other people want to take you! Whether it is Trump or Biden, they are in fact the same. There is no essential difference between them in containing China’s rise and development. What they quarreled was just a difference in means. So, Trump has stepped down, we don’t have to cheer, and Biden is in power, we don’t have to smile to welcome!

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