Iraq no more safe Haven for USA

By Nusrat Mirza

Having got accepted by Taliban to pull out American Forces and Taliban ready to settle their difference with new Northern Alliance or Ashraf Gani Government, Taliban have given assurance to USA that it will wipe out ISIS in a month. This is tricky subject. USA would like to keep fighting the Taliban with ISIS to take revenge from Taliban as USA will give full support to ISIS sitting in Iraq.

USA has changed the strategy leaving Syria and Afghanistan and making its base in Iraq to deal with Iran, Pakistan, China and Russia. In Iraq it will have no presence of Taliban and less presence of Hizbullah because Hizbullah will be engaged by Israel in Syria and Lebanon and Iran, Russia and Turkey may not have such concentration and harmony against the presence of USA in Iraq.

Iraqi Chief of Army Staff General AGhanimi has assured for its country’s full support, should USA stay in Iraq. On 5th December 2018, there was a conference in Baghdad under auspicious of NATO Mission in Iraq (NMI) in which a few international organizations and Canada’s Army Chief General Dany Fortin participated.

This conference welcomed American troops in Iraq which can consolidate NATO and gave American a chance to build a safe base in Iraq which will provide more safety than Syria and Afghanistan where Iran and Russia jointly has given tough time to USA and in Afghanistan Taliban has fought a longest war in USA history with the support of Pakistan, Iran and Russia and most probably China.

American considers that they are well placed in Iraq with the term Syraq and play its game safely than Syria and Afghanistan. USA can satisfy clergy Ayatullah Seestani for turning Iraq a greater Shia state than Iran if Qatif province from Saudi Arabia is annexed and Ahwaz Arabic speaking area of Iran be taken to add in present area of Iraq. The Yinon Plan or Col. Peter Ralph Plan which changes the boundaries of whole Middle East including Iran and Pakistan has to be implemented by USA.

This plan was proposed in 1983 by an Israeli diplomat Yinon for Greater Israel and keeps no Muslim country larger than Israel neither by population nor by Area. But for the time being, Iraq could be allowed to be larger and can be reduced later on. That means that American has not changed the plan but changed the strategy. It has moved from Syria and Afghanistan to Iraq to execute its plan which it has for Pakistan, Iran, Russia, China and Syria. Israel has already started bombing Syrian airports.

Its army spokesman has said that Israeli forces have attacked Syria targets several times. Iran’s air Force Chief has said that if Israel will go beyond the limit, Iran will eliminate Israel from the surface of the earth. Iran can do so or not it is a question. Iran’s missile program, however, is considered in west to be horrible. But how far it can meet the Israeli nuclear challenge together with USA one, it is to be judged if and when such time could ever be seen.

Some signals can be taken in to consideration: one Israeli attacks on Syrian bases, second increased terrorist’s activities in Pakistan, especially in Baluchistan and Khyber Pukhtoon Khuwa provinces, third in Iran terrorist activists have been launched by west. Fourth USA has pull itself from INF (Intermediate Range Nuclear Treaty) Fifth, Afghan Taliban shall be got engaged with ISIS and Afghanistan may see deadlier era as supposedly USA sponsored ISIS will give Taliban hard time while they will be part of negotiated formed Afghan Government. For now, Afghan Talibans were not exposed while being in government they will be easy target for ISIS.

Further, USA is changing the war pattern to which saying Paradigm Shift: USA has formed Space Force, it is withdrawing forces from venerable regions, taking less responsibilities towards world peace, giving tough time to China in Business arena and to Russia in lethal arms, Star war programs have been commenced by Russia and  USA.

China has launched its satellite on the back side of the moon that endangers USA’s space satellites. One can judge from this that world has become more dangerous than before. The good news for the time being is, if it is considered so that there is going to be agreement between Afghan Taliban and USA soon to which Taliban are optimistic when they say USA is serious for Afghan issue settlement while, USA experts’ are of the opinion that still it is a long way to go.

In Iraq, however, new development has taken place on 11th February 2019. Mr. Mahdi Taqi member national Security and Defense commission has given notices to Prime Minister of Iraque, Commander in Chief Adil AbdulMehdi and Army Chief General Usman Alghanimi to provide the parliament the information about number of bases and the Us Army personnel present in Iraq within two days other they will face the impeachment. This is a signal that USA has to face resistance in its presence in Iraq which it was considering safe.

The writer is Chief Editor of Interaction and an analyst on strategic Affairs and Columnist, Former advisor to Chief Minister Sindh, Former Consultant to Government of Pakistan.

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