ISIS is a threat to South & Central Asian countries

ISIS is a threat to South & 1

By Mirza Kashif Baig

The attacks of 9/11 brought about a radical change globally. The attack was unique and unanticipated and it took more than a decade for the world to understand the reality of those attacks. If the conspiracy theories are to be believed then it is clear as day that 9/11 attacks were an inside job and so are the reasons. After these, the entire world witnessed the wrath of US either directly or indirectly. In their callous and ambitious approach US administration did not hesitate to kill innocent civilians of its own country and of the world.

They were quick to trace the attacks back to Afghanistan led a conquest against the Taliban and brutally killed the ones defending their motherland, all in the name of keeping of Osama bin Ladin and handing over to USA. The surprising factor in this matter is that America despite its advanced satellite and military hardware was ‘mistaken’ and in fact they could not trace their wanted man in Afghanistan.

It would have been decent to retract and help re-build the country it had destroyed and this would have been the right course of action if this had been an honest mistake, however, it was not. The attack on Afghanistan was part of a greater plot which then resulted in the attack on Iraq, again in the name of to take control of Iraq’s fictional weapons of mass destruction.

In reality Afghanistan was invaded in order to enhance influence in South Asia and Iraq was invaded for its resources. An important aspect in all this was the emergence of a terrorist organization ‘Al-Qaeda’ which reportedly claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. This organization was not present in Iraq but Afghanistan which resulted in some face saving for US and its naïve allies.

What is even more interesting is that the terrorists of AL-Qaeda while supposedly fighting against US and its allies, were wreaking havoc in the neighboring Muslim countries like Pakistan, and were somehow providing benefit to America. After much orchestrated drama and Pakistan’s victory against terrorist factions Al-Qaeda had to go because America could no longer justify why it was not able to eliminate a terrorist organization, despite being a super power and so Al-Qaeda faded away.

But American agenda was not yet complete, hence a new terrorist organization emerged by the name of ISIS, claiming to be fighters of Islam and being led by a man who used to move freely among American controlled prisons in Iraq to recruit followers.

What was not anticipated, this time US, was that the world powers were more aware of their game this time and little time was wasted in pointing fingers towards USA for the birth of ISIS. ISIS was beaten in Iraq by the help of Iranian fighters and in Syria due to the joint efforts of Russia and Iran. ISIS was shipped off to Afghanistan by US support this time to battle the Talibans of Afghanistan in order to strengthen American control in the region and Afghanistan where it has nine sophisticated military bases.

At the moment, ISIS is re-grouping in Afghanistan and is looking to intensify its military operations against the Taliban, by the aid of USA. Taliban and ISIS are very different in their approach. While the Afghan Taliban are fighting against foreign invaders to gain freedom and are limited to Afghanistan only, ISIS is following a global agenda and recognizes no borders.

Their goal is simply to ensure that the American agenda of global domination is carried out. Taliban of Afghanistan are popular amongst their people as they seek to promote the tradition of fending off foreign invaders, a tradition existent in the country for thousands of years. ISIS seeks to eliminate Taliban and gain access to Central Asian countries, majority of the countries of this region, seeks to stand against US and are giving America a tough time.

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