Like America with “Russia gate”, India is now obsessed with “Pakistan gate”

By Andrew Korybko

The Indo-American Strategic
Partnership has rapidly progressed to such a point that the South Asian state
is now copying some of the same conspiracy theories as its new patron, though
instead of India being obsessed with suspected Russian interference in its
elections like America was, its people can’t stop talking about its imaginary
Pakistani variant.

Pakistan gate

Pakistani Prime Minister Khan
made global headlines earlier this week when he said that it might be easier
for his country to clinch peace talks with India and resolve the Kashmir
Conflict if Modi wins re-election after his country’s month-long electoral
process concludes at the end of May. This took many Indians completely off guard
who had hitherto been preconditioned by none other than the ruling BJP itself
to think that Pakistan was “meddling” in their elections in order to support
the opposition Congress party and their coalition allies. The Pakistani leader
explained his initially surprising position by rationally noting how it would
be less likely that right-wing forces would oppose any BJP-led peace talks
unlike the spoiling effect they could have if left-leaning Congress attempted
to initiate the same, which makes sense upon further contemplation and is
actually a very wise observation.

From – gate to – gate

Instead of being interpreted as
such, however, India’s “confirmation bias” on all sides caused it to continue
cannibalizing itself over the entirely speculative issue of “who Pakistan
really supports”, with practically all parties refusing to believe that their
neighbor is just sitting on the sidelines watching in awe as the Indian
political class tears itself apart over this issue and discredits their claim
to being the self-professed “world’s largest democracy”. Interestingly, what’s
unfolding in India at the moment with Pakistan gate is very similar to what has
been taking place in its military-strategic partner over the past couple of
years with Russia gate. This suggests that the vassal state is copying some of
the same conspiracy theories as its new patron, including the role that
elements of its permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies
(“deep state”) are playing in this process.

 “Deep state” meddling

Democratic-friendly elements of
the American “deep state” essentially entrapped Carter Page, after which they
consequently used this false flag as the pretext for “justifying” a
far-reaching FISA surveillance operation against the entire Trump campaign
which then sought to exploit its “six degrees of separation” from Russia to
concoct a weaponized narrative that ultimately failed to prevent him from
winning the election and then later getting him overthrown through a de-facto
coup. Something along the same lines happened with the BJP – friendly elements
of the Indian “deep state” that “passively facilitated” the Pulwama incident
which was later blamed on Pakistan and used as the pretext for “justifying” a
so-called “surgical strike” against it that also miserably failed in what it
sought out to do, though it nevertheless succeeded in making Indians hysterical
about anything to do with Pakistan.

Witch hunts

The BJP has even gone as far as
to imply that all dissidents who disagree with its official version of events
are treasonous, which is reminiscent of how the then-ruling Democrats suggested
that anyone supporting Trump was either under the influence of “Russian
propaganda” or a “Russian bot” if they were expressing their views in
cyberspace. Just as Russia became a convenient scapegoat for the pro-incumbent
elements of the American “deep state” to centralize their power behind the
scenes and meddle in their own country’s elections, so too has Pakistan been
abused to serve the same purpose vis-a-vis the pro-incumbent elements of the
Indian “deep state”, with both of their permanent bureaucracies presently in
the process of merging their narratives into a geopolitically weaponized one
ridiculously alleging that Russia and Pakistan are jointly waging “hybrid wars”
across the world.

Concluding thoughts

It therefore shouldn’t be
surprising that India’s “deep state” is copying its American counterpart’s
Russia gate conspiracy theory and remixing it with a national touch to produce
Pakistan gate in pursuit of the exact same purpose of remaining in power,
though just like with its inspiration, this might ultimately end up backfiring
against its practitioners since it’s impossible to control chaotic processes
once Pandora’s Box has been opened.

In any case and regardless of the
eventual electoral outcome, the Indian and American “deep states” will continue
to converge into a single unipolar shadow entity dedicated to the shared
objective of stopping multipolarity, using the “bonding experience” of their
respective manufactured -gate conspiracies to accelerate this ongoing process
and ensure that the Indo-American Strategic Partnership is one of the Eastern
Hemisphere’s most geopolitically disruptive developments this century.

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