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By Shafique Ahmed Shafique

Name of book: Badr-e-Kamil

Author:Syed Muhammed Qasim



Publishers:Tazkara Publications, Tazkara House, 136-A, Sector -11-B, North Karachi.

The book under review “Badr-e-Kamil” is a research book on Muhammed Badrudduja Kamil Razzaqi: a senior and prominent poet, writer and scholar, edited and researched by Syed Muhammed Qasim. He has earned very reliable fame regarding biographical notes of poets specially, of those poets who create Na’ats along with other genres.

Mr. Qasim, right from the beginning is paramour of “Tazkara Negari” and he has done a lot of valuable and precious works in this department of literature. He is a true paramour of Tazkara Negari. In the other words it may be opined that he has fell in the love of the genres Tazkara Negari and Na’at.

His all works are the witnesses of this fact. Not only this but another prove in this connection is that when started to publish his monthly magazine, he gave its name “Tazkara”. His first book related to Tazkara Negari is “Pakistan Kay Na’at Go Sho’ra” (Na’at writer-poets of Pakistan) in three volumes each volume consists of more than 800 Pages.

He has also a complete book “Seerat-e-Imam Sereen” to his credit which was written on Hazrat Imam Sereen throwing light on his scholarly life with his services for Islam and Muslims. His 3rd important book published under the title of “Khaak May Pinha Suratain”, it is also a book of Tazkara on those na’at writers of only Karachi who lived and passed away in Karachi.

His first book of three volumes and “Khaak May Pinha Suratain” both are consist of those poets who have their own collections of na’ats. “Badr-e-Kamil” is an example of painstaking effort of research, editing as well as Tazkara Negari. The book ”Badr-e-Kamil” is divided into four parts having titles 1.

Harf-o-Hekayet. It has three essays such as “Sar-e-Aaghaz: Sonahray Dour kay Sonahray Loag”. It has life sketch, assessments of literary and scholarly works of the late Badruddoja Kamil Razzaqi. 2. Paish Lafz(Forewords):Safer Wasila-e-Zafer” 3. Debacha (Preface) “Kamil Razzaqi.”These three write-ups have been written by Shabbir Ahmed Ansari, Syed Muhammed Qasim and Prof Haroonur Rashid respectively.

The second part consists of three essays written by Akhter Lakhnavi, Dr MuhammedAt’har Sher and Afser Mahpuri on the life, personality and services of Badruddoja Kamil Razzaqi which he rendered for literature.  There is also a poetic eulogy of Anwer Javaid Hashmi in this part of book. Syed Muhammed Qasim has intended to this book as an act of homage, respect as well as recognition of the late Kamil Razzaqi’s abilities and capacious creative efforts. 

There are some of Kamil Razzaqi’s gazals, poems, rubais and write-ups in the third part which were necessary and unavoidable. The editor and compiler of the book under discussion is restlessly working in the field of biographical notes and compilation of books on poets  and writers.

Like his all previous works, this book on Kamil Razzaqi is also valuable and praiseworthy. I hope that the book “Badr-e-Kamil” will be heralded with warmth of zeal and affection. May it shine like the real Badr-e-Kamil on the horizon of literature?

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