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By Shafique Ahmed Shafique

Name of Magazine:Ghanimat (quarterly)

Name of Editor: Akram Kunjahi

Issue: 22

Printer: Hammad Printing Press,Pakistan Chowk, Karachi.

”Ghanimat” a Quarterly Urdu Book Serial is a literary journal which has a remarkable identity for its standard and selection of fine literary pieces.  The fresh issue No-22 of ”Ganimat” is in front of me I studied this issue with great interest and felt pleasant. From the editorial to the last page it can grip the attention of readers.

There are varieties of genres such as Hamds, Na’ats, articles, short stories, light essays, book reviews, ghazals and various kinds of poetic genres. These are vividly depicting the standard of choice and tight selection of the editor Akram Kunjahi. ”Ganimat” has its own temperament. It is among those periodicals which have their unique say.

Akram Kunjahi himself a good poet and essayist so he can honestly decide which ghazal, poem, short story and write-up is able to be published in the magazine. Most of people specially, those who are educated are aware of this fact that to start publishing a literary magazine is easy but to kerep it regular and alive is not easy.

It is heartening for the lovers of Urdu language and literature that Akram Kunjahi is publishing his quarterly journal “Ganimat” timely and regularly. It is also praiseworthy and to some extent surprising that he is publishing “Ganimat” not only in Karachi but it is coming out from Gujrat too.

There has been given a special space to the giant poet and writer Hazrat Raghib Muradabadi in this issue to remember and to tribute him and his precious social, cultural and literary services. This special corner is very much important for devotees and paramour of literature.

It may be said without any doubt that Hazrat Raghib Muradabadi was one of the avant-gardes of our literary world. Akram Kunjahi has done a very good job by offering him glorious tributes and re-fresh his memory. I hope that he will continue this act of praiseworthy by giving tributes to other giant personalities of Urdu literature.

It is not possible to comment all writings one by one which have been included by the editor in this magazine. In a nutshell, it can be opined that all poets of Hamd, Na’at, Ghazal, poetry and other poetic genres are successfully created fine pieces. Seven write-ups on literary personages and literary issue are thought provoking. Reviews on books have been written scholarly.

The editorial is written not only on interesting subject but it is an eye-opener and invites us to think over asperity and evenness of past and present Urdu criticism. Akram Kunjahi is himself a good literary critic having enough ability to discuss as well as analyze literary issues. He is a clear headed man of letters so, whatever he thought, he straightforwardly expressed in his writings.

“Bazm-e-Ghanimat” is also a good part of the magazine as it consists of discussions on the items which published in the last issue, it is not only a part for mere praise (Qasida) of the editor.

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882): “literature is a record of best thoughts,” if it is correct then Akram Kunjahi  fairly and impartially  is recording to some extent ”best thoughts” through ”Ghanimat” and with the selfless co-operation of poets, short story writers and critics. I hope that the editor of this quarterly journal will keep it up.

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