Pakistan’s Quest for South Asian Reconciliations: In this

By : Nusrat Mirza

I would like to mention some important points of recent Pak India armed encounter

(1)  That Pakistan’s defense in conventional warfare is now robust other than nuclear deterrence and tactical nuclear war heads to neutralize Indian Cold Start Doctrine and Proactive Strategic Initiative (PSI).

( 2) Pakistan is a responsible nuclear Power.

(3) Pakistan reacted in self-defense.

(4) Pilot was released after the assurance of Indian RAW Chief that war will not be escalated.

(5) Pakistan at every point was emphasizing to negotiate. Pakistan’s quest for South Asian reconciliation was sincere and serious. Pakistan’s efforts show its strength and confidence as has been appreciated by the Major Powers of the world.  To some it was surprise but the demonstration of its seriousness and protecting its boundaries, space and sea demonstrate its capability and the quest for peace. Mr. Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan has repeatedly offered India for negotiations and recently in China on 26th April 2019 repeated the offer.

The Course of Military Encounter

1. Indian Air Force violated Pakistan’s air space on 26th Feb. 2019 dropped some pay load at Balakot. Thanks Allah there was no loss. Perhaps India wanted to show a surgical strike considering that Pakistan will not respond as there was no loss or Indian Air force did not target because Pakistan Air Force was in formation for dog fight. So the Indian planes were in hurry to leave the Pakistan’s space. PAF did not follow them in the Indian Air space. A wise decision.

2. In response to Balokot, the Pakistan Air Force prepared   a platform for dog fight.  Three of the IAF planes were hit; MIG 21 s’ debris fell in to Pakistan’s land, pilot captured, four Israeli make missile spies 2000 recovered from the plan. The other fighter plane Su 30’s debris fell in Indian Occupied Kashmir and pilot died. The third one also fell in to Indian Territory but Pakistan has no proof so it did not claim of its shooting down.

3. India initially claimed that it has attacked Jaishe Muhammad’s training camp and killed more than 200 militants. Finally it was officially admitted by India that no damage was done. 

4.  The Pilot of MIG 21’s Abhe Nandan was released by Pakistan after the assurance Indian’s Intelligence Chief RAW Anil Dhamsmana to Pakistan’s ISI Chief Lt. Gen. Asif Munir on 27th February 2019 as reported by Indian newspapers.

5. After suffering a humiliating military defeat on the morning of 27 February 2019, India went wild trying to distract its population by switching the subject of discussion to allegations that Islamabad violated the Geneva Convention of 1949 by airing footage of the captured pilot, but in reality Pakistan actually confirmed its adherence to this cornerstone of international law and simultaneously contributed to de-escalating the worst military crisis with its nuclear-armed neighbor since their 1971 war almost half a century ago.

Pakistan’s Superiority

6. Pakistan superiority was accepted by Indian Former Air Chief Denzil Keelor by saying that Indian Forces failed technically. India could not succeed politically and diplomatically against Pakistan. Pakistani intelligence has destroyed all Indian preparations. The Indian Air Force did violate Pakistan Air space but could not achieve the target. The Pakistani Air Force proved itself to be superior in action and planning.

7. Mr. Paraveen Sahwani an Indian Defense analyst speak the immediate after 27th February 2019 confirming Indian defeat.

8. Former Indian Army   General Hoda Hussain

  Speaking at a seminar organized by the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) in London, he acknowledged that ISPR outclassed the Indian Army in the information war.

    He said that Pakistan has defeated India on all fronts even in hybrid war.

9.  A story was published in Daily Hindustan Times India that the release of the pilot was under Indian threat of missile attack. Indian Air marshal Kapil Kak clarified that the release of the pilot was not due to Indian threat as Pakistan has released the Indian pilot in Kargil war when fighting continued for a month even after the release of the pilot.

10. The horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki even after the elapse of 74 years is so much that normal children are not born. So nuclear countries should behave responsibly. Any small encounter could lead to a war that may turn to nuclear nothing will be left in the subcontinent.

11. In spite of all tactical or one time success in seven fields; air, Sea, land, cyber, diplomatic, media and hybrid war, Pakistan is pursuing  for reconciliation which is commendable and shows Pakistan’s sincerity and love for peace. This has been recognized by some countries but it should be appreciated by the world and compel India to behave like a responsible nuclear state and avoid the gimmick of war to win the Indian election of 2019. The pressure should be asserted by international community on Narenden Modi to stop childish acts.  It will be in the best interest of Peace of world in general and the south Asian region in particular that Pakistan and India resolve Kashmir issue and all other problems so that the people of both the countries prosper.

12.  India should end the breakdown of communication  because in the absence of the communications many parties involved and confuse the matter and any small incident can lead to full-fledged war which is not in the interest of either country.

13.India should restart the backdoor channel and should remain in continuous contact with Pakistan leaving aside its mantra being a big country as both countries are nuclear and thus big or small country does not matter.

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