Seminar on Pakistan’s Defense Day – 2021 — Fateh Mubeen Organized By Rabita Forum International


Celebration of Defense Day of Pakistan

Tribute to Defenders of Pakistan and the Shuhade of 1965 war- Fateh Mubeen

0n Sunday, The 5th September 2021 – At Such TV Center – Karachi

The Armed Forces of Pakistan and the people defeated the Enemy- Admiral® Asaf Humayun

The pride of enemy was in the mud and targets of enemy was not achieved while Pakistan armed forces and people of Pakistan defended Pakistan by the will of Allah- Brig.(r) Karrar Hussain

Independence is a Reward of Allah which is protected by showering the blood- Prof. Dr. Tanveer Khalid

Bharat was defeated in 1965 taking in to account all doctrines of war. Prof. Dr. Samar Sultana

!965 War was imposed by USA making India a tool to put hurdle in path of Pakistan to become World Power as has been mentioned in book “NO EXIT FROM PAKISTAN” and American president two years before the 1965 war  has ordered “to FIX PAKISTAN” India always and is instrument of USA and imposed war on Pakistan NUSRAT MIRZA

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