Unreliable alliance between India and US

By Mirza Kashif Baig

The American establishment has a typical imperialistic mindset and their greed for power know no bounds. America puts on the mask of a hero but its real face is that of a tyrant who would do anything to remain at the top. America seeks global dominance and seeks to establish its authority as the sole superpower. America takes it granted to bully any country without fear of retaliation as no one would dare challenge its power.

The US has brewed up false allegations against nations and waged wars on them either to acquire their natural resources or due to their important geographical location or simply because the country refused to bend a knee to America’s will and all of this is done to keep the US on top. They pretend to be peacemakers by wreaking havoc on this world.

In their agenda of global dominance, they have a fixed set of like-minded allies namely the UK, Europe, Israel, and a recent favorite is India. War on terror was part of their policy to maintain global dominance. The US establishment staged the 9/11 attacks and killed its citizens just to drive their agenda. This way they directly set foot in Asia through Afghanistan. The main reason for entering Afghanistan was to keep Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan in check.

Despite their claims, considering the recent past and the US’s role in the region due to the so-called ‘ War on Terror’, it is safe to say that the real American agenda is to destabilize the region by hindering its growth, instigating violence, and achieving its imperialistic design of establishing global dominance. They fear China’s quick rise to power and as part of that policy, they destroyed Afghanistan and mercilessly killed its people.

Eventually, however, the US is now defeated in Afghanistan and seeks to withdraw from the country but their agenda of maintaining strong influence in the region is still not achieved and China’s influence is growing immensely. To China in check and to somehow stop the CPEC project they intend to maintain a military presence in the region and have developed local allies.

This is where India comes in, the US and its allies have been exploiting India’s insecurities and long-standing geographical dispute with China and trying to create a large enough dispute so that CPEC is halted. India its hatred for Pakistan and China has embarked on its road to self-destruction pursuing its agenda of regional domination.

It is foolhardy on India’s part to fall prey to such instigation because realistically it is in no position to take on Pakistan and China and the US along with its western allies know that. All they desire is to destabilize the region and restrict China regardless of its cost to India. India, on the other hand, will not go beyond a certain extent as it is fully aware that it lacks the all-around capacity to counter China in case of a large-scale conflict.

Apart from that China has greater regional influence and many of India’s regional allies have turned against it in favor of China. Also, the fact that India has hostile relations with all of its neighbors provides an edge to China in terms of regional cooperation against India. In addition to this, the internal political situation of India is alarming with the devastation due to COVID-19, the pressure from the opposition, and the many separatist movements going on in the country. Based on the aforementioned facts it is clear that India will refrain from any such cooperation against China.

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