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Name of book :               Daman-e- Sad Chaak

Author’s name :               Akram Kunjaahi

Publishers:Rang-e-Adab Publications, 5,

 :Ketab Market, Urdu Bazar, Karachi.


Price:Rs 400

Akram Kunjaahi the editor of monthly “Ghanimat.” is a well-known personality having ten books to his credit on various subjects. Among them three are poetic collections. The book under discussion “Daman-e-Sad Chaak” is his fourth anthology. He has great respect for the renowned expert of Urdu poetic world Hazrat Raghib Muradabadi. The author of the book is a respected and reliable disciple of the late Raghib Muradabadi and to express his respect and love with his entire heart and soul he dedicated the anthology to his literary mentor Raghib Saheb. It is a good august and appreciable by all means.

There are two write-ups in the book on Akram Kunjahi’s art of poetry. The author has also included his own essay in it about himself which is without any claim of omniscience. Though, he is a good and notable poet and man of letters.

Akram is among those penmen who, does not take literary creation as a source of amusement and fame. His book and his write-up which is included in the book are witnessing by themselves that he is a serious writer and wants to see the world in general and his own country in particular in peace and prosperity. He is of the view that a genuine and honest poet cannot ignore the conspiracy, loopholes, injustices, corruptions, cheatings, exploitations and hooliganism which are smashing the dreams and desires of common man by a group of handful people who consider themselves so-called  righteous.

He has a remarkable vision of socio-political, socio-economic as well as socio cultural. His heart bleeds for the people who are hapless, poor and deprived of necessities of life. In am quoting a verse of a ghazal in which he protests against the injustices and inequalities prevailing in the society:

He is also connected with love affairs and creating romantic verses. A major part of his poetic effort consists of romance. His romantic ghazals are also impressive. His style is not matching with any other poet.

He has created his own style and way of expression as well as own vocabularies, symbols and metaphors. In other words it may be opined that he has successfully created a niche of his own in poetry. He is a banker by profession — to some extent a dry field — in spite of this Akram Kunjahi is very much attached with art and literature.

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