War Clouds in Middle East

Once ‘War’ was a term feared by masses and was one which wasn’t used casually. Nowadays, people have become accustomed to it and insensitive to its effects. Technological advancements has facilitated in weaponing almost everything. Knowledge is being acquired for supremacy and coercion. Globally all scientific advancement is being made with an imperial mindset. The race is for global domination where the weak submits to the will of the powerful. Everything has become a tool for war. Economics, media, psychology, medical science etc. are all sophisticated tools of war and are being sued by the rich and powerful to exploit the weak. In this world of chaos, ‘war’ is the only logical solution to every problem. Since, truth is subjective these days and propaganda through media can easily fabricate reality, the justification for any form of armed conflict is easily developed by the powerful west and use Asian and African countries either as a tool or to test their sophisticated weapons and its allies for their own interest. The situation has become more volatile as some powerful alliances are being developed in the east to challenge the dominion of the powerful western allies. China, Russia, Pakistan and Turkey and some other countries have formed or under formation by force or due to developing situation strong alliances and their combined military and economic strength seems to be significant enough to challenge and even perhaps weaken the hold of the Western allies on the rest of the world. In the midst of this powerful struggle some of the Arab nations of the Middle East region are being willingly manipulated due to their arrogance and irrational approach or for their kingdoms. The wealth of these Arab countries has given them a false sense of security and made them generally arrogant. They believe themselves to be superior to all others and due to this naivety they have become part of a very dangerous game in which their downfall is imminent. The Middle East pre-dominantly consists of Arabs among which Saudia Arabia (KSA), UAE, Bahrain, are considered one block due to their synergy and close cooperation. On the other hand Syria and Qatar have close relations with Iran, who is the arch rival of KSA. Countries like Egypt and Jordan are in line with the agenda of the Western world and Palestine is a conflict ridden country where Israeli atrocities know no bounds. Israel was formerly considered an enemy to both Iran and KSA, due to their illegal occupation of Palestinian land and their inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people but recently this changed. Trump administration recently succeeded in strengthening ties of Arab block and Israel. As a result UAE has accepted the existence of Israel and it seems that KSA is warning about to this idea as well. Since, Israel and Arabs of Middle East are bitter enemies of Iran, they have both joined hands on this common cause. The situation so developed by Israel and USA that Muslim Countries fight each other to create greater Israel. The plan was made in 1983 called Yinon Plan or Col. Peter Ralph Plan. This step of UAE and KSA, to develop better relations with Israel, is not being welcomed by the Muslim World and has resulted in some serious criticism from the Muslim world. Pakistan has also distanced herself from the Arab world on this matter and this has KSA and its allies in a significantly critical position. KSA is indulged in a war with Yemen and it needs strong allies to defend its borders. Previously, Pakistan armed forces provided this service in good faith, however, their recent stance on Kashmir matter and the pose of acceptance of Israel has caused much anger among the Pakistani nation due to which Pakistan. Since KSA is already indulged in a war with Yemen where it facing strong resistance form Yemeni’s and Iran, it needs to seek help from either some other country or to come its senses and retract these controversial decisions. The recent assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientists, suspected by Israel, has added fuel to the fire and it is not like Iran to sit quietly on this matter. In this entire mix Muhammad bin Salman, the crown prince of KSA is facing serious internal resistance as his rise to power is not in accordance with the royal lineage and also because he is taking controversial decisions which are not in the interest of KSA. If KSA accepts Israel the internal situation of KSA will get far worse than it is right now. It is therefore in the interest of the Arabs of Middle to critically evaluate the situation and realize that they being merely used by Israel and USA and it will result in their destruction. The Israel is determined to go to war with Iran before 20th January 2021 when Joe Biden takes the charge as President of United States of America. The situation in Middle East is very volatile and clouds or war getting thicker and thicker in the absence of any power that can check this grave situation which is threatening the world and humanity.

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