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Pakistan won 1965 war

Pakistan won 1965 war

The war of 1965, fought between India and Pakistan, is quite significant in the history of both the countries. In Indian history it is there to serve as a reminder of the grave mistake in thinking that Pakistan could be

Operation Zarb-e-Azb in final stages


Says Chief of Army Staff General Raheel visited the front lines in Waziristan, where he directed operation commanders to ensure that terrorists remain cut off from their “friends and their outside support”, said a statement released by the Inter-Services Public

Battle of Chawinda – 1965 war


By Interaction Desk The Battle of Chawinda, which took place during the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War, was one of the largest tank battles since the Second World War. It has been claimed that as many as two thousand tanks took part

Together we fought


By Brig (R) Farooq Afzal Hardly the company was settled on captured Indian positions without any F-echelon and heavy anti tank weapons when we heard enemy tanks approaching from the flanks along the bund heading for the bridge. At this

Pakistan Army at the gates of Delhi in 1965 War?


By: Riaz Haq “…A major battle the west of the Beas would end in the destruction of the Indian Army and thereafter allow the enemy (Pakistani) forces to push to the gates of Delhi without much resistance.” 1965 WAR-The Inside

The spirit of 1965 war


By Col.  Syed Shahid Abbas It was midnight 5/6 September 1965 when our unforgiving neighbor not comfortable with the cessation of this new found Muslim state ventured to mow it down under the spell of its formidable quantitative superiority. Taking

Remembering the Pak-Indo War


By Talal Raza September, 1965, thousands of Pakistani soldiers laid down their lives to repulse the Indian attack on Pakistan. Same month, after 47 years, the foreign ministers of both countries are meeting in Islamabad to hold CBM (confidence building

1965 war – A saga of Indian defeat

INDO-PAK-65 Interaction

“In the Jammu-Sialkot sector, the Indian Army massed the largest chunk of its might ie 1 Corps consisting of one Armoured Division (one Armoured Brigade and one Lorried Brigade), two Infantry Divisions and one Mountain Division. However, 1 Corps did

Humanitarian Contributions of Pakistan Armed Forces


Compiled By : Mirza Kashif Baig & Mahmood Khan Pakistan Armed Forces Mountaineer Rescue Record holder mountaineer stuck in Karakoram rescued by Pak Army ISLAMABAD -7 August, 2015:- World record holder British mountaineer Vanessa O’Brien has been rescued by Pakistan

Pakistan Navy

Pakistan NAVY

PN History The birth of Royal Pakistan Navy came with the creation of Pakistan on the historic day of 14 August 1947. Like other navies of the commonwealth, Pakistan’s Navy also had the prefix “Royal” until the country was proclaimed