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NATO taunts Russia, Turkey makes hay

NATO taunts Russia Turkey makes hay

By M.K. Bhadrakumar The week has ended appropriately with the Russian President Vladimir Putin signing in the Kremlin on Friday the Executive Order on Immortalizing the Memory of Yevgeniy Primakov. In the name of Primakov, the great statesman from the

Why the west’s view of the Saudis is shifting

Why the west's view of the Saudis is shifting

Something is changing in the west’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. You can read it in the newspapers. You can hear it from politicians. And you can see it in shifts in policy. Hostile articles about the Saudis are now standard

Time to leave Afghanistan?

Time to leave Afghanistan?

By Tom Mockaitis The death of six U.S. soldiers near Bagram Airbase on December 21 serves as a grim reminder that while Americans worry about ISIS, the country’s longest war is now entering its fifteenth year with no end to

Why the Afghan military keeps losing ground

Afghan military keeps losing ground

By Thomas Gibbons Neff Afghan National Army soldiers arrive to start an operation soon, outside of Kunduz city, Afghanistan. According to a recent Pentagon report to Congress, the security situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated in the year since U.S. and

Walking in fear as a Muslim

Walking in fear as a Muslim

By Mubeen Shakir A 12-year-old girl is beaten at school in New York, is called “ISIS” and nearly has her hijab torn off by her classmates. A 16-year-old Somali American dies in a fall from a six-story building in Seattle

The implications of the Taliban shootout

By Khyber Sarban Recent reports of a shooting, and the killing or wounding of its leader, reveals serious divisions within the Taliban. The Taliban have once again made international headlines, this time following reports of an internal dispute followed by

Nights of the knights

By Waseem Altaf Brigade Major Munawar Khan testified before the Hamood-ur -Rahman Commission (The Commission) that the Commander Brigadier Hayatullah had brought some girls for entertainment in his bunker on the night of 11 & 12 December 1971 in Maqbulpur

Remembering tribute to Martyrs of APS

By Mirza Kashif Baig Pakistan is a resilient nation that takes pride in its resolve. Pakistan has been tested many times. It has been pressurized, threatened, and isolated by the world for the crime of following its own national interests.

You want war? Russia is ready for war

By Pepe Escobar December 16, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “Sputnik” – Nobody needs to read Zbigniew “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski’s 1997 opus to know US foreign policy revolves around one single overarching theme: prevent by all means necessary the emergence

Why the Israeli occupation is failing

By Vijay Prashad Everything is known of the everyday indignities of living under the Israeli occupation: the checkpoints, the separation wall, the embargo, the settlers, the IDF raids… Much has been written about individual acts of violence and inconvenience. The