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The Pentagon’s four horsemen

Pentagon's four horsemen

By Sydney J. Freedberg Jr Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley offered insight this morning into how the leader of the largest service is racking and stacking the Four Horseman of Pentagon analysis. Miller didn’t explicitly rank them, other

Hurdles have to be removed for success of Indo-Pak comprehensive dialogue

Indo-Pak dialogue process

By Kadayam Subramanian Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, who participated in the ‘Heart of Asia’ conference (December 8-10) in Islamabad along with other official representatives from Central and West Asia to debate the ‘stabilization’ of Afghanistan, has announced that India

The China model, political meritocracy and the limits of democracy

the China Model

By Daniel A. Bell This duality may have had something to do with his communitarianism, which, although a philosophical view, emphasizes the particularities of community, history, and culture. I take myself to be a political philosopher in a traditional sense,

Gas pipeline runs through South Asia’s tensions

Gas pipeline

By Barnett Rubin Pakistan could use its influence on Afghan Taliban groups to protect the new TAPI gas pipeline. When – or if – completed, a new natural gas pipeline would carry 33 billion cubic metres of gas from Turkmenistan

Raheel Sharif – Top General of the World

Raheel Sharif - Top General of the World

The current Chief of Chief Staff Gen. Raheel Sharif is perhaps the most powerful and the most popular Army Chief in the history of Pakistan. He is widely acknowledged as the savior of Pakistan mainly due to the accomplishments of

India Enhancing its Defense Capabilities, Pakistan Beware

India Enhancing its Defense Capabilities, Pakistan Beware

It seems that a severe arms race is about to start in the sub-continent as two major nuclear players of the region, India and Pakistan, have their path paved to enter into a race to enhance their defensive. Pakistan has

Delhi gang rape – Second chance for teenage rapist?

Delhi gang rape

By Geeta Pandey Three years after the brutal gang rape – and subsequent death – of a 23-year-old physiotherapy student on a bus in the Indian capital, one of her rapists – a minor at the time of the crime

Pakistan will test Modi’s sincerity

Modi faces an existential choice

By M K Bhadrakumar The External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj stands today as the tallest minister of her government  at least an inch taller than Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. One almost wishes they had a role reversal. The elan

Hate attacks on US Muslims are spiking and where’s the outrage?

Hate attacks on US Muslims

By Ben Norton There has been a relentless string of attacks on American Muslims in the past month  incidents that have been nothing short of extreme, and enormous in number. In just a few weeks, there have been dozens of

As the world debates Syria, Palestine’s ignominy continues in silence

Palestine's ignominy

By Ben Morris As the prophetic Orwellian concept of perpetual war is made manifest in Syria and Iraq, and the attention of the planet is understandably diverted towards the apocalyptic scenario currently being played out there, the subjugated and forgotten