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Kashmir – Trouble in Paradise

Kashmir - Trouble in Paradise

By Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai So much for Ban Ki-moon’s heart and possibly even more so his soul. One can only recall the quote in Matthew and the betrayal of Jesus, “When Pilate saw that he was accomplishing nothing, but

The coup that failed

Turkey coup that failed

By General Mirza Aslam Beg The coup makers attempted to stem the tide of change taking place in Turkey, under the democratic order, but failed, unlike the earlier four attempts made in 1960, 71, 80 and 97, which succeeded. The

Our Afghan sojourn

Afghan sojourn

By Yasub Dogar Achakzai’s statement that we are Afghans and all Afghans have a right to come and settle in Pakhtunkhwa has caused anguish and constraints in many circles calling him a traitor or so. Let us first examine the

Contemporary warfare – A view from the sea

Contemporary warfare

By Muhammad Azam Khan The concept of warfare has been undergoing a perpetual transformation since the end of cold war. Connectivity in a border less world brimming with transnational challenges has precipitated changes occurring at a breathtaking pace. In twenty

Pakistan has lost its ‘ Angel of Mercy ‘

Pakistan has lost its ' Angel of Mercy '

By Michael Kugelman Abdul Sattar Edhi was his country’s greatest living hero. Here’s hoping that his legacy persists in the hands of a new generation of humanitarians. In May 2002, police discovered the mutilated body of Wall Street Journal reporter

Pakistan enemy of USA ?

Pakistan enemy of USA ?

According to Bob Woodward in his book ‘Bush At War’, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Powell decided that Pakistan was bound to be the linchpin if the US was to take on the Al Qaeda on its turf. He

To the US Congress

To the US Congress

By Lt Gen.(R) Tariq I was amazed to hear your one sided debate where your Congressmen were foaming at the mouth to declare Pakistan an enemy state. They sounded so committed that one could be forgiven for believing that they

Vicious criticism of Pakistan by US Congress panel

Vicious criticism of Pakistan by US Congress panel

By Anwar Iqbal Cutting off all US assistance to Pakistan to persuade Islamabad to act against the Afghan Taliban groups allegedly using its territory to launch operations into Afghanistan, a move that Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz says is motivated

Time to Help Kashmir from Merciless Occupant

Time to Help of Kashmir from Merciless Occupant

The dispute of Kashmir is a cause of shame for all the leading peace loving democracies of the world. Muslim majority valley of Kashmir should have been a part of Pakistan after partition; however, India ensured that it is not