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By Shafique Ahmed Shafique Book’s Name : Jheel  Kenaray Author’s name  : Shadaab Siddiqi Publishers : Bazm-e-Shadaab, A-72, Block ‘H’,North Nazimabad,: : Karachi-74700 Pages : 274 Price : Rs. 400 Shadaab Siddiqi has come out with his third anthology under

Brief News & Articles International

China military parade marks 90th anniversary of PLA, China’s Army Day parade shows resolution to safeguard peace BEIJING, July 30 (Xinhua) –  Chinese President Xi Jinping watched the military parade marking the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s

Brief News & Articles International

UNESCO declares Hebron shrine Palestinian, Israel pulls U.N. funding Israel blasts Unesco as ‘shameful and anti-Semitic’ after vote over ancient city of Hebron By :  Raf Sanchez, Middle east correspondent 7 JULY 2017: Israel branded Unesco “shameful and anti-Semitic” and

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Lahore suicide explosion kills at least 25 Monday, 24 July 2017: LAHORE: A suicide explosion in historical city of Lahore claimed the lives of at least 25 persons and wounded 49.  The blast came in the wake of an ongoing

NATO sends ‘alive and strong’ message from Estonia

By Jonathan Marcus The Estonian town of Tapa is about an hour and half’s drive eastwards from the capital Tallinn. Tapa owes its existence to the fact that it sits at an important railway junction. It bears all the hallmarks

Is Nigeria on the brink of another civil war?

On the 50th anniversary of its bloody civil war, Nigeria is struggling to prevent another. By : Fisayo Soyombo On August 1, 1966, after the collapse of last-ditch attempts by Nigeria’s power brokers to prevent the impending civil war, Lieutenant

Will there finally be peace with justice in Colombia?

By : Jack Laun We have now reached the final days for the disarming of the FARC guerrillas, as established by the Peace Accord provisions agreed upon by the Santos Administration and the FARC leadership. What, we may reasonably ask,

The battle for world leadership

As the 20 leading economies meet in Hamburg, a truly multipolar world is finally emerging By Marwan Bishara Starting with the United States of America. The US is the world’s leading economy and its greatest military power, with a “soft

The CICA Beijing moot

By :  Dr. Ahmed Rashid Mali The CICA is a Kazak initiative taken by President Nursultan Nazarbayaev in 1992 when many Asian countries confronted with the implication of demise of the Soviet Union and their security could be at stake

Myanmar needs to get serious about peace

Impunity for military abuses in Myanmar must come to an end By : David Baulk Last month, Myanmar’s de-facto leader and former human-rights icon Aung San Suu Kyi convened a conference to try to end the many wars that have