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Barcelona and Cambrils attacks:14 dead, 100 wounded Van hits crowds on Las Ramblas in Barcelona in terror attack Spain: (17 Aug 2017) Five terrorists wearing fake suicide belts have been shot dead by police after ramming civilians with a car in

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COAS GEN QAMAR BAJWA VISITS FORWARD TROOPS AT LINE OF CONTROL RAWALPINDI (92 News)  Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General QamarJavedBajwa visited forward troops deployed at Line of Control on Monday 14th August 2017. The COAS was apprised of the

Nation celebrates 70 years of independence with zeal and fervour


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Monday 14 August 2017,  marked 70 years of independence with a patriotic display as government officials and military top brass participated in flag-hoisting ceremonies and laying wreaths at symbolic monuments across the country. In Islamabad PM  ShahidKhaqanAbbasi,

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By Shafique Ahmed Shafique Book’s Name :Aashob-e-Sindh Aur Urdu Fiction Author’s name:Syed Mazher Jamil Publisher: Academy Bazyaaft, Urdu Bazar, Karachi. Page:518 Price:Rs 300 I do not agree with view point of Jacques Derrida (born in July 15, 1930, El Biar,

US, North Korea war rhetoric

A peaceful solution to this rhetoric seems difficult after evaluating the contemporary strategic tussle among North Korea and the US By Beenish Altaf THE relationship between the US and North Korea has been antagonistic since the Korean War back in

North Korea, US playing dangerous game of chicken

North Korea, US playing dangerous game of chicken1

So far the war of words between Kim and Trump is just that – an exchange of fiery rhetoric. But the risk of ‘jaw-jaw’ turning into ‘war-war’ is deepening By Yoon Young-Kwan So far, the war between US President Donald

A ‘new normal’ in South China Sea

A 'new normal' in 2

By M K Bhadrakumar India’s ‘Look East’ policy, which shifted to ‘Act East’ under the Modi government circa 2015, may now have to quickly shift again  to, say, ‘Watch East’. It will be on the one hand a judicious shift

This is why ISIS attacked Barcelona

This is why ISIS attacked Barcelona

Despite a likely future increase in terrorist attacks, Isis risks a Growing public disinterest and apathy toward its activities By Ben Rich Despite its (relatively) low body count and primitive execution, Thursday’s 17 Aug 2017 terrorist attack in Barcelona shocked

A serious situation developing Reckless game over the Korean Peninsula runs risk of real war

Reckless game over the Korean

The US and North Korea have both ramped up their threatening rhetoric. The Pentagon has prepared plans for B-1B strategic bombers to make preemptive strikes on North Korea’s missile sites. US Secretary of Defense James Mattis issued an ultimatum to

Beware a second Korean war

Beware a second Korean war1

There is no way we could be sure that preventive actions  would not set off a second Korean War  By Donald Manzullo These are difficult times on the Korean Peninsula. With North Korea’s second test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM)