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The real deal Trump has to make on Afghanistan

By Nisar Ul Haq Donald Trump mentioned Afghanistan just once in his speech to the United Nations Tuesday. His “new strategy for victory” there, he said, would help “crush the loser terrorists and stop the reemergence of safe havens they

My Views On Reviews

Shafique Ahmed Shafique Sham Say Pahlay Book’s Name: Sham Say Pahlay. Author’s name: Dr Zahid Husain. Compiled by; Shair Siddiqi. Publishers: Zain Publications, A-8, Nadeem Corner, Block-N, North Nazimabad, Karachi, Phone: 0321-2011595. Pages: 120 Price: Rs 300 Although the book

My Views On Reviews

Pakistan: In Search of a Messiah The newly published book presents a ‘human-side’ of Pakistan to readers abroad. And though not aligned with popular sentiments, the author does build his case on solid reasoning Book Name     : Pakistan  In Search

King Salman’s Russia visit has potential to change Middle

Svetlana Mironyuk, Vladimir Putin, Salman bin Abdul Aziz

By Shehab Al-Makahleh East landscape Saudi Arabia’s King Salman will head an official delegation on October4-7, 2017 to have meetings with Russian president Vladimir Putin and senior government officials, the first ever visit by a Saudi King to Moscow since

Surely, the time is of essence

Arresting dwindling combat strength of the IAF will be a priority for Sitharaman. Each category of the aircraft has specific roles and only a naïve would suggest replacement of one category with another By Pravin Sawhney  Arresting the dwindling combat

India’s future global status will be determined by its competition with China

By D.S. Hooda The Doklam stand-off was inevitable. It may be resolved peacefully but it is a manifestation of the larger geopolitical contest that is playing out in Asia between India and China. How do we respond? Economically, it is

Illegally takeover of Gurdwara Gurudongmar, Sikkim

The American Sikh Council (ASC) is very concerned about the rapid deterioration of the law and security governing places of prayer and worship of minorities in and around India. Various news sources and reports have stated that the local Buddhists

How Russia came to Pakistan’s help

By Kamran Yousaf Authorities sitting in the corridors of power in both Islamabad and Rawalpindi already knew that the Afghan strategy the Trump administration was crafting would target Pakistan. However, even they were not expecting Trump to single out and

A Pentagon implosion looms

A Pentagon implosion looms

If the U.S. is to maintain a military that is capable and ready to fight, immediate action is essential. Given a political process that is broken, the outlook is not good By Harlan Ullman Few Americans, especially in Congress, understand that

Chaos of the Trump era is never-ending

More vitriolic stuff is appearing in print pointing toward the US State Secretary Rex Tillerson leaving the ship. The National Interest carried a piece in the weekend titled Is This It for Rex Tillerson? It begins dramatically: “If the whispers