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Rafale cocktail continues to fox US


The Government and the Opposition have been on the warpath over the acquisition of Rafale fighters and this is not going to end anytime soon, making it a potent poll plank By Ashoack K Mehta The dogfight between the Government

Sanctions 2.0:Tightening the noose, but around whom?


By Andrew Korybko The US’ new sanctions against Iran, Turkey, and, Russia appear to be coordinated and designed to tighten the noose around Eurasia but risk backfiring by sending American interests to the gallows instead. The US’ new sanctions against

You might soon see this Chinese fighter all over Africa & Latin America


Especially in Africa and Latin America By Sebastien Roblin Lying a high-performance jet fighter is a physically and mentally demanding skill that requires a lot of practicebut each hour flying a warplane can cost tens of thousands of dollars in

UK government review backs subsidies for mini nuclear plants


By Susanna Twidale Britain should offer developers of mini nuclear plants subsidies similar to those made available to the offshore wind industry, an independent review commissioned by the government said. Britain needs to invest in new power generating capacity to

Partition of Punjab Excerpts from ‘disastrous twilight A personal record of the partition of India


By Major General Shahid Hamid A Personal Record of the Partition of India’ by Major-General Shahid Hamid was published in 1986 by Leo Cooper. The author was Private Secretary, 1946-47, to Field Marshal Claude Auchinleck who was the last Commander-in-Chief

IAF control of combat aircraft development at HAL Is that a good thing?


By Bharat Karnad  The Rafale deal has gone into a death spiral. With BJP stalwart leaders Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie making a cogent case about things going awry with the purchase of 36 Rafale combat aircraft from France and

Changing the status quo in Kashmir


The consistent application of human rights standards would allow a just and peaceful resolution of this 71 year-old issue Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai India is celebrating its 72nd Independence Day to commemorate its freedom from colonial British Raj. We extend

Riding on Qatari wings, multi-polarity arrives in the Middle East


The unscheduled arrival of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, Qatar’s emir, in the Turkish capital Ankara throws a new light on regional links Trust Turkey’s Recep Erdogan to have had a game plan when he challenged the Trump administration and

US decreasing military build-up in Persian Gulf


The US has deployed no aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf region for over five months now and has also reduced the number of its warships in regional waters, information and data available on the US vessels’ navigation and remarks

Iran’s leader bans talks with US


Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei underlined that Iran would not sit to the negotiating table with Washington, and declared a strong ban on talks with the US. “Recently, the US officials have been talking blatantly