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On the occasion of Yome Takbeer, Rabita Forum International organized a seminar Nuclear Deterrence & Security Stability in South Asia

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On 25 May 2019 Vice Admiral Arifullah Hussaini, Prof. Dr. Shaeshta Tabbasum , Prof. Shujaat Hussain , Imteiaz Faran and Nusrat Mirza spoke on the topic. Vice Admiral® Arifullah Hussaini was of the opinion that full spectrum of deterrence is

Nuclear deterrence in South Asia


Dr. Shaista Tabassum  Professor & Chairperson,  Department of International Relations,University of Karachi,Pakistan. In South Asia the deterrence is actually the equilibrium working as a promise for peace and stability of the region. The nuclear weapons are an irrefutable truth of

Putin’s wholehearted defense of China’s belt and road


Puts him at serious odds with India’s Prime Minister Modi By Andrew Korybko The Russian leader’s wholehearted defense of China’s Belt & Road Initiative at last week’s yearly forum on this global series of mega projects stands in stark contrast

China, Russia and the United States contest a new world order


By Dmitri Trenin The United States has recently entered a period of great-power rivalry with China and confrontation with Russia. The China Russia rapprochement has simultaneously acquired the quality of an entente: a basic proximity of world views and close

The US’ welcome of China on Afghan peace process headed for win-win results


By Andrew Korybko “We welcome the positive role of Russia, China, and any other country in the Afghan peace process”, a U.S. State Department official said on Friday, an unexpected announcement considering the increased trade tensions between the U.S. and

Fresh IMF deal a ‘political blow’ to Pakistan PM Imran Khan


Pakistan has secured a multibillion-dollar bailout package from the IMF in a desperate attempt to get out of a crippling economic situation. But the road to strengthen the nation’s finances is tough. After months of difficult negotiations, Islamabad and the

Weaponized finance


By Dr. Farrukh Saleem The US Department of Treasury now has a definite  -and defined  role in “advancing US national security interests.” Ian Bremmer, the founder of Eurasia Group, asserts that “instead of fighting countries militarily, the US can now

India – Israel nexus can’t be ruled out in Sri Lankan attacks


Time has come for the righteous thinking nations to recalibrate their strategies towards this growing menace of anti-Islam mind set of India and curb its export of religious hate mongering in the whole world. By Rafiq Jan Sri Lanka, a

The figurehead Prime Minister


By Khurram Husain How the mighty have fallen! Just as we were all being told that it is too soon to expect results, that the whole thing of turning the country around and breaking decades of bad governance and undoing

Trump Unveils “Warsaw Plan”


By General Mirza Aslam Beg Former COAS, Pakistan Army President Trump is building-up his strategic naval forces, in the Gulf Region, NOT to fight the ‘naval superiority battle’ of the deep seas, but to apply “Shock and Awe” therapy on