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COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC (Pakistan) (Updated on 22nd June 2020 – 11:00 am)

India’s defence cost

India's defence cost3

High on personnel and low on modernization SIPRI is incorrect; India is world’s 5th largest defence spender, not 3rd largest, Russia and Saudi Arabia spent more last year By Ajai Shukla A well-respected Swedish think tank, which announced on Monday

The US rubbished another arms control regime as part of its risky renegotiating gamble

The US rubbished another arms control regime

By Andrew Korybko The US’ planned withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty represents yet another rubbishing of the international arms control regimes that helped maintain strategic stability after the end of the Old Cold War, with this dramatic move and

Fair is foul & foul is fair in the Trump universe

Fair is foul & foul is fair 1

By Saeed Naqvi When the tortoise agreed to ferry a stranded scorpion on its back across the river, which was in spate, he didn’t know what he had bargained for. Midway, the scorpion stung the tortoise, deep, through its hard

What’s behind Trump’s China attacks?

What's behind Trump's 2

By Stanly Johny Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Mr. Trump has taken tensions between USA and China to new highs by endorsing the unproven lab theory and threatening China with punishments, which could have harsh economic consequences at a time when

Trump is offering to mediate in the India – China border dispute

Trump is offering to mediate in

Here’s what to know about the escalating tensions By Billy Perrigo As precursors to possible nuclear war go, fistfights and stone throwing aren’t exactly the first things that come to mind. But along India and China’s long, contested border, that’s

Improved Russian-Pakistani relations will help Moscow balance the new bipolarity

Improved Russian-Pakistani relations will 1

By Andrew Korybko There’s a growing consensus among Russia’s leading experts that International Relations are increasingly characterized by what they’ve termed the “new bipolarity” that’s emerging out of World War C, and it’s within this global context that the continued

China has won from globalism while America has lost

China has won from globalism

By Paul Craig Roberts America can’t do without an enemy.  An enemy is what funds America’s largest industry military spending and an enemy provides a national security focus which holds our tower of babel together. During the Obama regime, Russia

Northern theatre command with China should have Navy element

Northern theatre command with

By Dinakar Peri The proposed Northern theatre command along the border with China should also have a small Navy element in it as some of the naval systems are useful there, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen. Bipin Rawat said.

US troop reduction advances despite political, health strains in Afghanistan

US troop reduction advances despite 2

Corona virus could devastate ill-prepared Afghanistan By Ben Wolfgang The Pentagon is forging ahead with a dramatic cut in combat troop levels in Afghanistan even as the Taliban ramps up attacks and specialists warn that the COVID-19 outbreak could destabilize