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Pakistan role in SCO to be increased

Pakistan role in SCO5

By Interaction Desk Pakistan had for long been tried to become an SCO member state. It believes its membership will enable it to diversify its foreign policy and enable it to play a more effective role in the stability of

India – China ‘More dangerous than before’

‘More dangerous 3

By Sheela Bhatt ‘Why has the peace been kept?’ ‘Basically because there is a balance.’ ‘Maybe they think that balance has changed.’ ‘If that is the cause, then I think what we have done, matching their build-up, etc, it is

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Muslims perform first Friday prayer at Hagia Sophia mosque in 86 years A fortnight ago a Turkish court ruled that the 1934 decree converting the historic site into a museum was not legal, paving the way for its restoration as

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Chashma-4 makes new record of running round the year One of Chashma Nuclear Power Plants has made a new record in Pakistan’s history for running full-year continuously. thus becoming the first electricity generation plant to achieve this desired objective ISLAMABAD:

Is the United States a Failing State?

Is the United States a failing state1

A Failed State? By Richard Falk To ask whether the United States, the world’s dominant military power, is ‘a failing state’ should cause worldwide anxiety. Such a state, analogous to a wounded animal, is a global menace of unprecedented proportions

Iran embraces BRI

Iran embraces BRI2

By Gen (R) Mirza Aslam Beg The Fundamental Blow has been delivered creating the Magical Realism. Some 45 years back, Prime Minister Bhutto established the Strategic Linkage with China by opening the Karakoram Highway across the Khunjrab Pass. That helped

How Russia built a channel to the Taliban, once an enemy

How Russia built a channel to 1

The recent assessment that Russia paid bounties to the insurgents to attack US troops stunned many, but officials said the Kremlin’s outreach began almost a decade ago By Mujib Mashal and Michael Schwirtz During one of the most violent stretches

China has 200,000 troops at LAC!

Chinese soldiers with riot shields sit in the back of an army truck as they pass through the city of Kangding, located around 400 kilometres (250 miles) west of Chengdu in Sichuan Province

The intrusions into India were likely carried out by the PLA’s better trained and equipped ‘mobile operational units’ By Ajai Shukla With China’s People’s Liberation Army intruders still occupying Indian territory and large PLA reinforcements ready on the Chinese side

Why the US has no chance of winning either a ‘cold’ or a ‘hot’ war against China

Why the US has no chance of winning 3

By Ekaterina Blinova While ramping up pressure against Beijing on multiple fronts, Washington appears to not be taking into account China’s sustainability and resilience, which stem from its sophisticated culture, says sociologist Dr. Heinz Dieterich, explaining why the US’ current

EU shows scant regard for Quad’s “contain China’ propaganda

EU shows scant regard for Quad's 1

EU focus on post pandemic economic recovery By M. K. Bhadrakumar Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s virtual summit with the EU leaders on Wednesday would have convinced him that Europe is singularly disinterested in the US rhetoric to ‘contain’ China. Not