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Unless Modi makes a determined effort to change course, the pall of gloom will get thicker & thicker

Unless Modi makes a determined effort to change 1 copy

If the economy was booming and millions of young Indians were able to get new jobs and take the first steps towards a better life, then the year gone by may have been remembered differently By Tavleen Singh Independence Day

The border challenge

The border challenge1

The PLA has blemished the Modi Government’s muscular image created in the wake of Uri and Balakot responses against Pakistan, which won it an overwhelming political mandate By Ashok K Mehta One’s blood boils watching the way India and its

I-day speech – why was Modi silent about China?

I-day speech - why was Modi silent about China

‘He spoke about 20 jawans in Ladakh, but he couldn’t even name China’ ‘He said the world had seen what had been achieved, even though we Indians don’t know because Modi has himself said that nothing had happened and nobody

War of the maps in South Asia

War of the maps

‘The Modi government’s grandstanding has hardened the reflexes in Beijing, Islamabad and Kathmandu and complicated India’s relations with these three countries, which were even otherwise highly problematic.’ By Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar The unveiling of a ‘new political map’ of

RAW had recruited three warlords in Afghanistan, says book

RAW had recruited three warlords

By DHNS & Shemin Joy The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) had recruited three powerful warlords, including Ahmad Shah Massoud, in Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion and the US-Pakistan proxy war there, a new book on India’s external spy agency

Indo-China stand-off 

Chinese soldiers guard Nathu La mountain pass, between Tibet and northeastern Indian state of Sikkim

By Lt Gen (R) Tariq Khan India and China are once again engaged in a military confrontation. To some it may seem a spontaneous event triggered by some sudden happening. Indians would like the world to believe that it is

The day nothing happened

The day nothing happened1

India has victories, brave deeds and valorous soldiers who deserve celebration By Ajai Shukla A popular tale – apocryphal but grounded in truth – recounts an air force student at the National Defence College asking the librarian where he could

Was a defining moment in Indo-Sino Relations?

Was a defining moment 1

By Andrew Korybko Most observers at the time regarded India’s de-facto annexation of Jammu & Kashmir on 5 August 2019 as being a defining moment for either India’s internal affairs or Indian-Pakistani relations, but in reality, it was a defining

Self-reliance in defence

Self-reliance in defence1

By Ajai Shukla The defence ministry released, in successive weeks, the drafts of a new Defence Acquisition Policy (DAP-2020) and a new Defence Production and Export Promotion Policy (DPEPP-2020). The two are together intended to promote the design, development and

With eye on China, India looks to increase barriers on imports from Asia

With eye on China, India looks to 1

By Aftab Ahmed New Delhi is considering measures to prevent trade partners mainly in Southeast Asia from re-routing Chinese goods to India with little added value, two government sources said, amid strained ties with Beijing and a push for self-reliance.