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India-China relationsand Ladakh

India - China relations and Ladakh2

Between Simmer and Boil The guandao-armed PLA soldiers at Mukhpari By Bharat Karnad Hearing the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman say the near-clash September 7 at Mukhpari was due to the Indian army offering “serious provocation of an egregious nature” and

China will be taught a lesson

China will be taught a lesson1

‘China is mindful of the fact that it is not confronting the Indian Army of 1962. But the sabre rattling will continue.’ By Archana Masih “I doubt China would indulge in aggressive activity in Arunachal Pradesh because they have been

Wars are not fought for the sake of fighting

Wars are not fought for the sake of fighting1

Long look at the India – China boundary dispute By Lt General N. S. Brar Old soldiers having seen the carnage and horrors of war often turn pacifists, however, given their experience, understanding of the consequences of conflict and the

Afghanistan is India’s one reliable neighbour, but Hekmatyar’s surprise entry can change this

Afghanistan is India's one reliable neighbour, 1

During a recent webinar on Kashmir, the former mujahideen leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar warned that India should ‘learn a lesson from the Afghan jihad’ By Vinay Kaura   If there was one steadfast reliable friend of India in the neighbourhood, it

Afghan – Taliban peace talks what’s next?

Afghan - Taliban 1

By Lyse Doucet History took a front seat at the table this month when Afghan enemies formally sat face to face for the first time to embark on negotiations to end what is now regarded as the world’s deadliest conflict.

PNA’ 77 Innings to PDM 20-20

PNA' 77 Innings 1

There are bid differences between the PNA and the PDM By General Mirza Aslam Beg The PNA was an Alliance, while the PDM is a Movement and that subtle difference explains the game that was played in 1977 and the

CIA backed Daesh a Threat to Pakistan, Central Asia and Russia


By: Abdul Rauf CIA has had a history of promoting terrorism to achieve their objectives. In a way CIA is the biggest official state sponsored terrorist organization in the world. Post 9/11 the world had been taught to fear the

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Indian court acquits all 32 accused in demolition of Babri Mosque The demolition of 16th century Babri Mosque sparked Hindu-Muslim violence that left some 2,000 people dead in 1992. An Indian court has acquitted all 32 people who had been



COAS witnesses demo of third generation battle tank VT-4 is compatible with any modern tank in the world integrating advanced armour protection, maneuverability September 22, 2020 : Express Tribune Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa witnessed demonstration

A tiny island in Aegean Sea is throwing up fundamental questions about world order

A tiny island in Aegean Sea is throwing up

Kastellorizo tells us important things about how the toxic cocktail of resources, ultra-nationalism and religion can drive a geopolitical crisis By Praveen Swami For centuries, the soldiers of the Knights Hospitaller stood on the great tower of the citadel of