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Israel gave them 10 minutes to pack up their whole lives 74 Palestinians, including 41 Children, left Homeless


Eleven Palestinian families were left homeless in the Jordan Valley. Finding shelter for sheep and newborn lambs was the most urgent task, as their livelihood depends it The Civil Administration gave the families living in the Palestinian hamlet of Khirbet

Nord Stream 2: Germany finally made up its mind


Many experts regarded the situation with Navalny and the subsequent actions of Germany as a reason for curtailing Nord Stream 2 and generally reducing activity in cooperation with Russia “on all fronts”. Well, as if Germany was pushed by the

Six years of Modi Govt’s rule has led Indian economy to near collapse


If the disaster that economy is heading towards is to be avoided, there has to be a massive injection of demand by govt both through transfers and through direct spending on goods and services By Prabhat Patnaik The GDP growth

Trapped between past and present, Kashmir’s politics is headed towards a dangerous deadlock


By Praveen Swami The cold-blooded threat was delivered in silence, not one word said in public, under the searing sun of the summer in 1951. From their base in Meerut, historian Srinath Raghavan has recorded, the 1 Armoured Division pushed

Derailing a conversation on Kashmir Autonomy VS self-determination


Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai “It would be totally unrealistic, cynically so, to expect Pakistan to stand aside, unmoved and insensitive, from the desperate struggle in Kashmir over a principle of self-determination for which Pakistan throughout its history has made enormous

Competition without catastrophe


How America can both challenge and coexist with China By Kurt M. Campbell & Jake Sullivan The United States is in the midst of the most consequential rethinking of its foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. Although

So little time, so much to do


By Ashraf Jehangir Qazi President-elect Joe Biden won the US Presidential elections by almost 5 million votes. He has inherited “a mud sandwich” from Trump in the shape of an unprecedentedly divided US. Given Trump’s criminally irresponsible Presidency, Biden should

Trump sought options for attacking Iran to stop its growing Nuclear Program


The president was dissuaded from moving ahead with a strike by advisers who warned that it could escalate into a broader conflict in his last weeks in office By Eric Schmitt, Maggie Haberman, David E. Sanger, Helene Cooper & Lara

Post-Trump America is on the edge of catastrophic conflict over race


Facing seismic strains because of demographic change, the hierarchies of race on which America’s political and social life are built have become untenable. A defining confrontation involving the state and the White Nationalist movement has become all but inevitable. By

NEW START: Putin’s “win-win” with Trump


By M. K. Bhadrakumar The Russian proposal of October 20 for a simple one-year extension beyond February when the NEW START treaty expires, has received a curt reply from Washington within hours. Something is still better than nothing, as the