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After three abortive attempts, we managed to finally visit Uzbekistan, a country on my ‘must visit’ list By General Ayaz The first Impact Uzbekistan had on us was cleanliness and no congestion. Despite being a relatively poor country, it was

The Ladakh deployment Soldiers against winter’s fury

The Ladakh deployment1

By Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain The Army Chief, General Manoj Naravane in his Army Day press interaction confirmed that the Indian Army is prepared to remain deployed in additional strength in Ladakh due to the current standoff with China.

“Where are the Heroes??

Where are the heros2

By Gen Tariq Khan It was a sad day, windy and dark. We were burying Col Anwar. He was killed while defending his country at the battle of Kalaya. His Wing had been overrun by militants from Afghanistan. He had

Well worth a look: Biden & Washington’s perennial Pakistan problem

The Pakistani army in south Waziristan.

Tired narratives have constrained the US – Pakistan relationship for too long it’s time for a rethink By Richard Olson Among the many challenges facing the Biden administration will be addressing the infamously dysfunctional U.S.-Pakistan relationship. Anyone familiar with how

Germany suddenly publicly stated its position, and the United States was dumbfounded!

Germany suddenly publicly stated its position, 2

On January 28, the Internet client of the famous German newspaper Hamburger Morgen post reported that German Chancellor Merkel, in the past three days, has continuously criticized the US Biden administration for “forming gangs” against China. The “cold war alliance”

The Quad concrete threat to China & Pakistan

The Quad concrete threat to China & Pakistan

By Nusrat Mirza Chief Editor, Interaction In the last days of US President Donald Trump, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and US Secretary of Defence, Dr. Mark Esper, had a meeting with their Indian counterparts, Minister of External

Al Jazeera’s sting on Bangladesh leadership

Al Jazeera's sting on Bangladesh leadership

Bangladesh Army Chief’s brothers, Hasan and Anis Ahmad fled Bangladesh following their murder conviction. A third brother was found guilty of the same murder charge and served 20 years in prison before being pardoned by the country’s president By Amjed

India – creator of myths and narratives of terror

India - creator of myths and narratives of terror

By Mustafa Khan Irrefutable but inevitable PM Imran Khan’s ceaseless effort to unveil RSS’s nefarious design has paid off rich dividends not only for Pakistan but also Indian Muslims. The two yoked together for alleged crimes of terror which they

The decade’s top Honour and Pakistan’s decisive triumph amongst 190 countries in lieu of the bi-decadal cutting-edge

The domino - effect verdict 20214

The domino – effect verdict 2021 The humanitarian munificence and self-abnegations of Ms. Bilquis Edhi along with 3 scientific accomplishments by a Pakistani polymath, the bi-decadal Arch-researcher Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi, have conjointly made the country stand tall amongst the world


The war on humanity in Indian-occupied Kashmir (By Aftab Siddiqui) Today, India has lost its standing in the world as a secular and pluralistic democratic country. Under the rule of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a right-wing Hindu nationalist party, the