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A Saigon moment in the Hindu Kush


The US is on the verge of its own second Vietnam repeated as farce in a haphazard retreat from Afghanistan By Pepe Escobar The Taliban are on a roll. Earlier this week their PR arm was claiming they hold 218

EU aware of nuclear material proliferation incident in India’


The European Union is aware of the nuclear material proliferation incident in India, Peter Stano, the lead spokesperson for the External Affairs of the European Union has said during an interview with Geo News. “All we can say at the

What India must keep in mind when it comes to Turkey


India, which has been at the receiving end of Erdogan’s internationalism, has multiple options in pushing back By Raja Mohan As a new round of geopolitical jousting begins on India’s north-western frontiers, Delhi must deal with a number of new

India must strike to deter, any other policy for drone attacks will play into Pakistan’s hands


When it comes to drones hovering on India-Pakistan border, political will, equipped with a broad range of innovative capabilities to inflict pain, remains the best defence By Lt General (R) Prakash Menon Drones captured the imagination of the Indian public

Worrying! PLA advances in Ladakh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh interacts with Air Warriors of Indian Air Force at IAF station

With the two armies again in a face-off at multiple points, there is apprehension of renewed clashes By Ajai Shukla After a winter lull, Chinese troops have again crossed the Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh at several places,

The US drought & its connection to National Security


By Erin Sikorsky The implications of climate change for Pakistan’s security are indeed frighteningly portentous taking into account the simultaneous galloping growth in population. Does anyone care? One would not think so looking at the pre-occupation with Nawaz Sharif, fixing

What America didn’t understand about its longest war


That the war went on so long may be tragic, but it is hardly surprising By Carter Malkasian As the United States leaves Afghanistan after 20 years of war, there can be little doubt that we lost the war  or

China’s belt and road won’t readily reach Afghanistan


Beijing’s hope to connect a Taliban-led Afghanistan with neighboring Pakistan overlooks rising and lethal resistance to the scheme By F M Shakil When suspected militants killed nine Chinese nationals in a blast that sent a bus plunging into a high

China blames US for conflicts from Afghanistan to Iran


Chinese foreign minister says United States is the origin of problems in Central Asia country and should make sure transition is stable Washington’s Indo-Pacific strategy is outdated and should be swept into the rubbish, he says By Kinling Lo and

‘Most mistakes could have been made in 2001’


For the same reasons that the US-backed government failed after 2001, it will be equally difficult for the new Taliban government to establish its dominance By Patrick Cokeburn World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001. It was immediately clear