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Arc of encirclement appearing around Russia

Arc of encirclement appearing around Russia1

President Putin says west no longer heeding ‘our warnings about red lines’ ahead of expected US-Russia summit later this year By M K Bhadrakumar Isn’t this a delicious irony British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace rushing to Warsaw on Thursday to

Ladakh! ‘There will be more and more trouble’

Garud Special Forces operatives deploys along Line of Actual Control

‘Once positions are hardened and troops start building defences, it is difficult for soldiers to step back’ By Archana Masih “It is nearly 20 months since the standoff. Achieving status quo ante would have been easier if positions had not

China angry as US warship enters Taiwan Strait

China angry as US warship enters Taiwan strait3

China views the USS Milius crossing the strait as a “deliberate attempt to disrupt and undermine regional peace and stability” By Trevor Filseth Citing freedom of navigation, the USS Milius, an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, sailed through the Taiwan Strait

Russia – NATO war over Ukraine is becoming increasingly unavoidable

Russia - NATO war over Ukraine is 1

By Glenn Diesen Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the West isn’t taking his country’s “red lines” seriously and the US and its allies could be about to sleepwalk into a dangerous conflict with the world’s largest nuclear power.

China backs nuclear weapon-free zone in Southeast Asia in move to ‘contain Aukus’

China backs nuclear weapon-free zone in

President Xi Jinping told Asean leaders that Beijing is willing to sign protocol to the treaty ‘as early as possible’ It has indicated it will do so for more than two decades, and observers say the security alliance could speed

Germany urges Congress not to sanction Putin’s pipeline

Germany urges Congress not 1

By Zachary Basu The German government has urged members of Congress not to sanction the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, arguing that doing so will “weaken” U.S. credibility and “ultimately damage transatlantic unity,” according to documents obtained by Axios. Why it

AUKUS! A new cold war against China


Dr. Makhan Saikia The AUKUS is a new war game. It is not just about making nuclear submarines in Australia. A New Cold War is coming up. It has already started. The Canberra-London-Washington Axis could be a new starter. It

What will drive China to war?

What will drive China to war1

A cold war is already under way The question is whether Washington can deter Beijing from initiating a hot one By Michael Beckley and Hal Brands President Xi Jinping declared in July that those who get in the way of

Fold, call or raise?

Fold, call or raise1

China’s potential AUKUS reactions Chinese officials coming to the painful realization that their military modernization is driving regional players to seek new and more potent weapons By Yun Sun Over a month has passed since the announcement of the defense

Afghanistan! Aman ka Rasta

Afghanistan, Aman ka rista3

By Shahrukh Hasan For two decades, Afghanistan was an arena where various powers, led by the US forces, jostled for control. But history and time was against them the history of the Afghan people who have never been subjugated, and