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The rise and fall of political dynasties

The rise and fall of

By Ashok K Mehta Sri Lanka has witnessed its Arab Spring moment. Accused of enjoying extra-constitutional authority and with 27 military-led task forces in governance, the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) has steered clear of intervention in support of Rajapaksas. The

With Abe gone, can Modi lead an Asian anti-China front?

By Bharat Karnad Just how nonexistent gun violence is in Japan can be guaged from the astonishingly lax security provided the former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. There was no security cordon worth the name  with the few tasked with protecting

‘PLA is into ‘salami slicing’ of Indian Territory’

'PLA is into 'salami slicing' of Indian Territory’1

By Rashme Sehgal ‘This reluctance to respond forcefully to Chinese PLA provocations and outright aggression has as much to do with Prime Minister Modi personally, as with the institutional mindset of the MEA or even the Indian Army.’ ‘They are

India, BRICS in cold war conditions

India, BRICS in cold war conditions1

Ironically, the West’s “sanctions from hell” have given a big stimulus to India-Russia bilateral trade, giving it a dynamism that one never suspected would be recaptured in the post-Soviet era. By M. K. Bhadrakumar The phone conversation on Friday between

USA attempts to stir up contradictions in SCO

USA attempts to stir up 1

By Interaction Desk USA attempts to stir up Contradiction between SCO members and forms an alternate plate form C 5 plus 1 Greater Central Asia. For Pakistan is it possible to join such integration mechanism of United States of America

We Americans are dancing on the Titanic

We Americans are dancing on the Titanic

Our iceberg is not far away By Francine Prose Bow, the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade is hardly a surprise. We knew it was imminent since Judge Alito’s memo leaked about a month ago. And yet it

Ukrainian Regime – Losing on the battlefield

Ukrainian Regime - Losing on the battlefield1

Ukrainian regime and its Western patrons are staging bloody incidents to demonise our country By Sergey Lavrov Today, the Russian Armed Forces, together with the self-defence units of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, are delivering on the objectives of

The Russian army is getting stronger

Germany’s Army Chief Alfons Mais By M K Bhadrakumar The Inspector of the Army, Lieutenant General Alfons Mais, gave an interview to the Handelsblatt. In it he complains about the state of the Bundeswehr and warns of the strength of

Faust lives on

Faust lives on3

By Lt Gen (R) Asad Durrani Sometime in 2014, I was invited to take part in a discussion on a crisis in Ukraine. I accepted more out of curiosity: now, who would host a debate about a country, hardly anyone

Ukraine war’s tipping points

Ukraine war's tipping points

The conflict is threatening to dent US credibility and NATO’s standing By M K Bhadrakumar The western narrative, accompanied by media censorship that had no precedent even during the high noon of the Cold War, obliterating or blocking contrarian reports