A new kind of terrorism – Numbered Bird strategy, which Russia accuses America!

A new kind of terrorism

For those who want to know what the numbered birds are… and how the United States kills the world without a single shot… I leave the information here:

Birds of Mass Destruction

Russia did not expect to discover, as part of its military campaign in Ukraine, numbered birds produced by biological and bacteriological laboratories in Ukraine financed and supervised by the US.

But what are the numbered birds?!

After studying the migration of birds and observing them throughout the seasons, environmental specialists and zoologists will be able to know the path these birds take each year on their seasonal journey, including those that travel from one country to another and even from one continent to others. Here comes the role of the intelligence services of the parties that carry out a malevolent plan. A group of these migratory birds are “detained”, digitized and provided with a capsule of germs that carry a chip to be controlled through computers. They are then released again to join migratory birds in countries where damage is planned. These birds are known to take a route from the Baltic Sea and the Caspian Sea to the African continent and Southeast Asia, as well as two other flights from Canada to Latin America in spring and autumn. During its long flight, its movement is monitored step by step by means of satellites and its exact location is determined. If they want, for example, to harm Syria or Egypt, the chip is destroyed when the bird is in their skies. Kill the bird that falls carrying the epidemic. Thus, diseases spread in this or that country. In this way, the enemy country is harmed at no military, economic and political cost. The numbering of migratory birds is considered a crime by international law, because they are birds that penetrate the sky and air of other countries. If you supply them with germs, then this bird becomes a weapon of mass destruction. Therefore, in international law, it is considered prohibited to use birds to launch deadly attacks against an opponent. Anyone who commits such an immoral and inhumane act is punished. The US does not tremble at any punishment, for no one dares to punish it. But they tremble before the stigma that will accompany their life and their complete exclusion as a credible country, even before their allies. The Russians have a strong pressure card when they say they captured the birds. This means that the Americans were caught with their hands in the dough, with all the details contained that prove the decisive condemnation. This forces us to think about the possibility that all the viruses that have infected humans in this century, especially the last ones, such as the Ebola that affected Africa, anthrax, swine and avian flu, and currently Covid-19, all come from funded laboratories and administered by the US. And this is what prompted China to submit an urgent, serious and strict request to carry out an international investigation into the sudden emergence of the coronavirus. It is very likely that the United States used migratory birds to kill Chinese citizens. The serious thing is that the US scandals are on the rise.

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