American sponsored Ukraine crisis

American sponsored

By Interaction Desk

The United States of America is playing the role of a tyrant and it intends to maintain its dominion over the entire world by spreading terror and bloodshed, all the while claiming to be the champion of peace. If American history is analyzed, it is stained with the blood of the innocent and is one of spreading terror. The cowboy mentality of plundering and killing is deep-rooted in the American mindset.  This country was founded by criminals who brutally killed the natives for the riches of the land. This country was founded on violence and has thrived on it. Americans have a habit of lying and interfering in the matters of other sovereign countries, those who are willing to submit to the will of America are allowed to live a life of subjugation and humiliation while those who chose freedom over slavery are subject to fire and destruction.  The American dream of global domination knows no bounds. They keep birthing and nurturing new enemies for themselves and then wage wars in a name of eliminating those enemies. Americans did this with Al-Qaeda and then invaded Afghanistan and Iraq for their personal gains. Later, they sponsored TTP in Pakistan, Boko Haram and others in Africa, South Asia, Central Asia and a few more countless other terrorist organizations to wage war on Muslims.  When the AL-Qaeda era came to an end the American administration created ISIS to justify their false occupation of countries like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan to further wage wars for their personal gains. While America continued terrorizing Muslims they also started challenging China as it was rising in economy, all the while encircling Russia.  At the time of the creation of ISIS the world had started calling out America on its lies and wicked practices. The ultimate goal of ISIS was to destabilize Russia and stop China to enhance its influence in the neighboring countries. In response China has openly come out against American cruelty and through their OBOR initiative had started to liberate the region of the western influence.  CPEC is at the heart of the OBOR initiative and it was welcomed whole-heartedly by Pakistan. The CPEC project provided Pakistan the opportunity to overcome its economic problems and emerge as an economically independent nation all the while providing China and Russia and all the partnering countries to benefit from the ensuing trade opportunities. This idea obviously didn’t sit well with the US and in order to prevent this from happening America sponsored and is continuing to sponsor multiple obstacles.  The most recent and the most dangerous one is the prevalent Ukraine crisis. In order to encircle Russia US and its allies installed a puppet regime in Ukraine which pushed for Ukraine’s inclusion in NATO. This problem led to the Russian invasion of Ukraine because it was a threat to Russian national security and all of the Russian attempts at reasoning with the Russians failed due to American interference.  The result is a global crisis in the making. Innocent people are dying or maimed for life, all because it is in the American interest to destabilize the region and hinder its progress. America wants to maintain a strong presence in the region to keep Russia and China in check and in order to further its imperialistic cause the Americans have succeeded in destroying an entire country. Additionally, USA got changed the regime in Pakistan which was going closer to Russia and was very close to China. Against Russia, America has gone too far as Russian president Putin has to give nuclear warning to USA and western countries to save its survival. USA will not let live any country in peace or without thrusting its primacy over it.The world peace is under threat with American design. One can hope that sense will prevail and European countries pressurize USA to limit itself within the boundaries of its own country. It is itself is in the interest of European countries to which America is blackmailing since long.

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