Assassination of Pakistan’s top Generals and the President – 17 August 1988

Assassination of Pakistan's top Generals 1

By Zaid Hamid

The crash of the C130 of Pakistani president General Zia in 1988 was one of the greatest tragedies to befall on the Muslim world in the 20th century. This man was so dangerous for Israel & India that CIA, Mossad, RAW & KGB jointly plotted to assassinate him & his team. 11 General officers were assassinated that day…. Including the president and chief of army staff, DG ISI and their entire staff. The Americans blocked all attempts to investigate the crash. There was a complete cover up both in Pakistan and abroad. Singlehandedly, General Zia had led the charge to stop the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and ultimately dismembered it. Simultaneously he brought India to its knees by supporting the freedom struggles of khalistan and Kashmir. And right under the American’s nose built the A bomb! General Zia-Ul-Haq fully exploited the American panic and fear over the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan to build Pakistani defences. He rejected the initial American aid as “peanuts” & forced the Americans to fund Pakistan’s entire nuclear program….& Got 40 F-16s too. General Zia-ul-Haq negotiated strategic agreement with China, which gave Pakistan total access into the Sinkiang Muslim majority province…. Allowing the Uighur Muslims to go to hajj through Pakistan for the first time …This was an incredible relief for the Uighurs… General Zia-Ul-Haq played a strategic role in ending the Iran Iraq war. He was also central in bringing unity within the ranks of the Arabs when Egypt had been boycotted by the Arab League and OIC for its Camp David accord. He represented the entire Muslim world in the UN. From China to North Africa, he was the most respected Muslim leader in the entire world at that time. Turks loved him to such an extent that five official Turkish delegations came on his funeral, representing various arms & the government. This Pakistani general had become too dangerous for the global Zionists. He was assassinated and replaced by the Mafia cabal of Zardari and Benazir. Immediately all support to khalistan and Kashmir freedom movement was blocked. Afghan jihad was abandoned. Uighurs blocked. The political narrative in Pakistan is dominated by the secular and liberal political parties…..Who project general Zia-Ul-Haq as a demon of a sort? But for an objective observer what general Zia achieved in his decade of rule is nothing short of a Geopolitical miracle. During his time Pakistan was the force to be reckoned with. Chief of German intelligence sent a piece of a Berlin wall to ISI with their inscription “to the one who delivered the first blow”. General Zia ul Haq began the liberation of Eastern Europe & Central Asian republics. USSR had invaded Afghanistan in 1979. CIA had written Afghanistan off as a lost case. It was general Zia-Ul-Haq who decided to engage and stop the Soviet bear in the mountains of Afghanistan. Americans joined later by 1981.  Enter resistance strategy & control was with ISI. This is how brilliantly Zia negotiated with the Americans. Entire global support for Afghan jihad was only to be conducted through ISI. No American to be seen on the west side of Indus…..Let alone interact, engage or train the Afghans. Americans were kept in their place. Entire Muslim world mourned his death. His funeral prayers in absentia were held in Kaaba and the Masjid of the Prophet in Madina.  His funeral prayers in absentia were held all across the Muslim world. All across Afghanistan mujahideen mourned his death. He is still their hero. American ambassador to India John Gunther Dean later on publicly acknowledged that Zia has been assassinated by Mossad CIA and RAW. Poor chap was thrown out of diplomatic service for spilling the beans.  Pakistan and the Muslim world has never recovered from that loss ever since.

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