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The year 2020 had a major impact on the global population in a drastic way. The very basic freedoms of life such as visiting your relatives or going to the gym have become luxuries which we cannot afford now. Simple activities like eating out are no more available to the general public. Globally economies are reporting negative growths, every day new cases are being reported and every day thousands are dying in the world due to COVID – 19 virus. Businesses are adopting the new norm of working from home and employing technology to adjust to the new normal. People are being laid off as businesses struggle to control their overheads to continue operations and everyone is depressed out of the fear of this virus. This virus is unique in many ways for its attributes have baffled experts and the way it has spread is also a point of concern. What’s even more controversial is the emergence of its variants. There are many theories regarding the COVID  19 virus and these theories, due to their merits, are gaining public support day by day.

All theories, while differentiating on the reason behind the spread of COVID – 19, agree that this is not a naturally occurring virus and it is man-made. This virus is being termed as a bio-chemical weapon and it has been released to enslave the global population. It is believed that COVID-19, instead of occurring naturally was developed in a lab funded by some private elements of the west and released in a manner to make it seems otherwise. It’s spread and mutation are almost biblical which further strengthens the belief that it is man made. The unique attributes of the virus for instance its ability to travel a distance of 6 feet and the fact that it can survive for an extended period of time without a human host on multiple surfaces, is quite strange. Further, its outbreak started in China, then the USA, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and some South American countries were worst affected by this virus. The western countries among the above-mentioned countries namely, USA, UK, and the European countries take pride in their freedom and guard it jealously.

The highlighted countries witnessed an alarming daily death toll and strict lockdowns were imposed there. Amid the lockdown and the COVID  19 cases many accounts of nurses and doctors belonging to the USA and UK, emerged stating that the deaths are due to the willfull negligence of hospital staff and not due to COVID  19. This gave rise to the belief that this COVID situation is created and escalated to spread fear to contain people’s freedom. Surprisingly, when these protests gained momentum new and more deadly variants of the virus started emerging.  The UK variant of the virus is multiple times deadlier than the original COVID  19 virus. The Brazilian and South African variants of the virus are so deadly that even the vaccines are ineffective against it and these variants don’t respond to any medicine. All of these have now reached Pakistan. Pakistan had done well against the initial waves of COVID-19, however, the sudden presence of all these variants in Pakistan is alarming and put the authorities on their toes.

According to official statements, the Brazilian and South African variants of the virius have been released in Pakistan implying bio-terrorism. This step by spread and mutation of the virus is questionable and this trend is fueling the theories that this in fact bioterrorism aimed at suppressing masses and establishing global dominion. Whether the entire COVID-19 spread wave was part of a conspiracy or it later turned into one is debatable but it is clear that the recent wave in Pakistan is an act of bio terrorism and the nation must remain steadfast in the face of this challenge as commanded by ALLAH and his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

We have pointed out in 2014 that the elites of the world were of the opion that USA is facing challenge to its primacy over world. To restore American primacy over globe the elites of the world have decides four steps 1) UK must exit from Eurpion union to weaken it 2) then mass migration from of Asian and Africans from USA and EU 3) Severe Inflation in the world  and finally 4) a war. UK has existed from Eurpean Union and all three  steps are in progress. The world has to face a war or may be this biological war in the shape of COVID-19 is the fourth step to establish the challenged American primacy. All the countries of the wold has to create awareness and be careful about it.

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