Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between RFI and CISSS Think Tanks on May 18, 2022


Rabita Forum International (RFI) and Center of International Strategic Studies Sindh (CISSS) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). It was signed by Mr. Nusrat Mirza (Chairman RFI) and by Ambassador M. Khalilullah Qazi (Executive Director CISSS). The following points were agreed upon in the MoU:

  1. The parties shall jointly organize Seminars, Webinars, Workshops and Conferences on issues of Mutual Interest.
  2. RFI shall provide space for op-eds, articles and research papers written by CISSS in RFI magazines and also assist for these to be carries by print and electronic media.
  3. RFI shall electronically share its daily Bulletin of strategic issues published in Urdu language at the email address to be conveyed by CISSS.
  4. The parties shall undertake joint research projects and collaborate in publication of books and articles.
  5. CISSS faculty shall be given opportunity to participate in events hosted by RFI and vice versa.
  6. RFI shall assist CISSS in Urdu and other languages translation of op-eds and articles written by CISSS and printing of CISSS booklets and newsletters.
  7. The Parties shall jointly host, when possible, Track-2 events on important issues between Pakistan and SAARC countries.
  8. RFI shall consider sharing its distribution and email circulation lists with CISSS.
  9. The Parties shall separately discuss additional measures, if required, for the implementation of the provisions of these articles







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