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To expand and spread for attaining power is human instinct. From a small place let us say a village to a city and more cities that later on called country then if spread more called an empire. In one glance at the known history, one finds many empires, including Greeks, Romans, Othman, Moghuls, and many others. In recent history, the United Kingdom of Britain, the Soviet Union, and more. China is another land where many dynasties and cultures and empires existed.

But no global power ever existed in any time in history except the United States of America which became the sole superpower of the world. In 1989, when Soviet bloc of the WARSA pact was defeated in Afghanistan with the full support of Pakistan. Pakistan’s intelligence, manpower, and technique were used to defeat the Soviet Union. It was Pakistan’s war. The best advantage of which has been taken by America.

Pakistan, in the backdrop of East Pakistan’s fall, would like to save itself from the clutches of the Soviet Union which was trying to reach the hot water through Gwadar or Pakistani coastal area where it has invested too much paying money and providing facilities to Landlords and many others.

For Pakistan, it was a sacred war to save itself and to take revenge of the East Pakistan debacle in which the Soviet Union was the leading player taking the help of India and giving India the pride to defeat Pakistan. Indians are still in the grip of this deceptive pride. They don’t recognize the fact that breaking up the mighty USSR into 15 countries was Pakistan’s doing with support from the West and USA.

One should also recognize that under the cover of this war, Pakistan became a Nuclear Power to stabilize and to establish a balance of Power in South East Asia. It was achieved successfully. The Indian hegemonic dream was kept a dream for which it is striving day and night without success. To achieve supremacy over Pakistan Indian Madness has reached the extent that it has leased out all its seaports to the USA.

The balance of Power, however, has been maintained by Pakistan even without the support or rather obstacles created by the USA creating Economic Crises, using elites of the country for its own interest, putting pressure through International Monitory Fund, creating hindrances in China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), through Hybrid War to destabilize the country. The west understands that Pakistan’s Armed Forces have the capability to disturb the Asia Pacific region if it goes against American Agenda.

It can rightly be said that hegemony is old as mankind. As per America, its current hegemony is distinctive in the rapidity of its emergence, its global scope, and the manner of its exercise. In a single century, it has achieved this status from isolated land to power with worldwide reach. Its bases said to be 700 hundred in number are everywhere.

Its sea vessels are on the surface or under the surface in every ocean and any bottleneck of the sea. This hegemony, however, has now been challenged by Russia and China separately. The USA is spending money and time and its intellect to keep Russia and China apart ensuring that they do unite in their efforts. The visit of Henry Kissinger, a renowned intellectual and former Secretary of State is one example. While America has been gathering even small countries in its block is another example. And those who hesitate to join the block are being tortured, frightened, and being destabilized, slowly but steadily. India and almost all countries of Fareast are around America including Japan and Australia bonded with the Defense Pact of QUAD and AUKUS. It seems the circuit is not complete without Pakistan.

For the United States and other countries in the West, this is familiar territory. Pakistan a vital, flawed ally in the Cold War and War on Terror has seen decades of military rule interspersed with periods of partial civilian rule. Now, Washington and its trans-Atlantic partners again face the choice: do they hold Pakistan to account for its authoritarian turn or do they look away because its army is once again a valuable partner in a major global conflict?

If this fact is taken into view, and considering the inability of India, the strategic partner of the United States in certain areas and taking into account that the USA is gathering many countries around itself for perhaps preparation of war against Russia or China or both. Pakistan which had and has been America’s proven helpful partner in several wars joined several defense pacts such as SEATO, CENTO, and others.

The defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan with the help, and support of Pakistan with blood, ruining its own economy, and then America abandoned Pakistan plundering and facing terrorism injected by the USA and its allies, however, breaking the Soviet Union into 15 plus parts and dismantling WARSA PACT to become the only Super Power of the world making the world Unipolar for almost two decades.

To achieve this status, the United States of America remained at war constantly for almost a century as confirmed by its own Security Advisor Zbigniew Brezinski in his book GRAND CHESS BOARD which is a summarized handbook of American policy, politics, and hegemony writes “The defeat and collapse of Soviet Union was the final step in the rapid ascendance of a western Hemisphere Power, the United States, as the sole and, indeed, the first truly global power.”

He further writes in Chapter 1, Hegemony of New Type “The Spanish-American war in 1898 was America’s first overseas war of conquest. It thrust American power far into the Pacific, beyond Hawaii to the Philippines. By the turn of the century, American strategists were already busy developing doctrines for a two-ocean naval supremacy, and the American navy had begun to challenge the notion that Britain “rules the waves.” American Claims a special status as the sole guardian of the Western Hemisphere’s security proclaimed earlier in the century by the Monroe Doctrine and subsequently justified by America’s alleged manifest destiny and even further enhanced by the construction of the Panama Canal, which facilitated naval domination over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This is not enough author Caitlin Johnstone in her article US is War on July 12, 2023 has written:   “The US won WW2 and then immediately plunged into the Cold War. The US won the Cold War and then immediately set to work destroying the Middle East. The US destroyed the Middle East and then immediately started another cold war in preparation for another world war. The US is war. A normal country wages war with the goal of getting back to peacetime. The US wages war with the goal of getting to the next war.”

Though the merciless killing of innocent people maintains kings and empires for some time but after certain limits, the empires also fade. America is in the process of fading. The baggage of sins and crime it is carrying on its back is too heavy. A time comes when with all preparations and strength everything goes against it. USA though has the plan to restore its primacy over the world through Brexit, mass migration of Asians and Africans from the West and inflation of the highest degree, and a war. Out of four, three plans are at work even today, simultaneously America is preparing for its hegemony and others are struggling for their very existence. Let us see what will be the end result.

The author is Chief Editor of Monthly Interaction.

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