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By Shafique Ahmed Shafique

Book’s Name : Dard Ka Chand

Author’s name:Furqan Idrisee

Dard Ka Chand is the second book of Furqan Idrisee. His first book is an anthology of Na’at which published in 2013 under the title of “Nemat-e-Uzma”. The book under review “Dard Ka Chand” is a collection of famous and popular poetic genre “Gazals” only. There are about 114 ghazals in its skirt along with one “Dua.” The author of this poetic collection is a well-known penman especially for those persons who study regularly Urdu poetry and ghazals. At the very outset he had translated some Bengali short stories into Urdu.

After the fall of East Pakistan he shocked deeply and for sometimes he had to halt all his literary activities. This kind of grieve situation was not faced by Furqan Idrisee only after emergence of Bangladesh but all Urdu Speaking Pakistanis were facing the same havoc. Furqan’s ghazals are mirroring his torment and the torments of those who were stranded and suffered a lot.Furqan Idrisee born in August 8, 1943 in Gaya, Bihar, India. His family name is Mohammed Furqan Malik. His father’s name was Hafiz Mohammed Idrisi Huma Raaisvi. His father was also a known poet of his time. He is a graduate. At the beginning he was a teacher by profession and taught in some schools.

He was also a businessman. After migration from Bangladesh, he established a school in Surjani Town, Karachi which is still running. Furqan is a man of good manners. His poetic assessments are also lovely like his lovely personality.He has also compiled and edited two books “Najm-o-Sharer” and “Aandhiyoon May Cheraagh.” The first one consists of short introductions of member-poets of Halqa-e-Fikr-o-Danish with ten selected ghazals of each poet. The other one is a poetic collection of renowned poet Hafiz Dehlavi. Furqan Idrisee is a reliable disciple of Hafiz Dehlavi. So he collected his poetic pieces from journals and newspapers as well as from Hafiz’s note books and diaries. No doubt he has done an appreciable work by compiling and publishing the book “Aandhiyoon May Cheraagh.”

There are no two opinions in this regard that poetry or for that matter any form of literary genre does not exist in vacuum. On the one hand a poet and writer by his creative efforts tries to mirror the dreams and desires of human beings and on the other preserves those elements in the poetic genres with his artistic values in an appreciable manner.Poets and writers cannot over look the political, social, religious, and economic changes around them. Occurrences of external events compelled them to react and this reaction is inevitable.Furqan’s literary consciousness and ego may be seen in his verses which are mirroring the overt and covert of our social, political, religious as well as economic situations.

He has very successfully and marvelously pinpointed the loopholes and shortcomings of our country and countrymen. Now-a-days he is passing a very shattered days and nights due to illness. In spite of this he has not lost his heart and courage. He looks always happy and courageous. I am sure his new anthology of ghazals “Dard Ka Chand” will be applauded and extolled by the critics, writers and readers.

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